Bonding over Trauma & What to do about it

What is Bonding over Trauma and What to do about it.  I understand trauma bonding…I really do.  Its that very human need to share, to be part of a community, to find people that understand you and what you’ve been through. Of course, people want to have that.  It is the reason for the beginnings [...]

Guilty Pleasures Welcome!

I have always defined myself by my “Guilty pleasures”.  Being a nerd before nerds were main stream and before literally every comic book and movie was refranchised and sold to studios it was kind of essential.  Starwars was how my dad learned german because he knew literally every single line.  We had my uncle tape [...]

Don’t ‘Manifest’ this year

Why Manifesting and the Trends around it are utter Bull Shit Before you go around saying that I’m a negative person, I’m really not.  Of course I believe in energies and being positive but the currents trends around the word “manifesting” is almost as nauseating as the word “Tribe”.  I’m not going to talk about [...]

Easy Beans

Easy Beans

The easiest black beans are often the yummiest.  I love a good black bean dish as a side with burgers or tacos, as a filling for tamales or as a whole, stand alone dish.  Living in San Antonio for so long I loved beans,  There was just something about them that was so warm and [...]