Ways to Identify a Narcissist

This is a word that is used a lot...but honestly its something that we do see a lot of in our society, even though the clinical diagnoses of Narrcistic personality disorder is considered rare by the DNSM. The Clinical diagnose of a naricisst is: A disorder in which a person has an inflated sense of [...]

Kinds of Love

Greek words for different kinds of love and why they matter I am not the kind of person who is afraid of the word love. I used to be when I was younger but looking back I can clearly see and admit that it was because of how we polarize the word love and sometimes [...]

Hard to Hear Things About Health & Wellness

Hard to Hear Things About Health & Wellness

The health and wellness community has never been more in the public eye, mostly because as Americans we have ignored our health for so long in favor of working longer hours, buying bigger houses and over all putting ourselves last. The pendulum has swung though and many people in my generation and younger are moving [...]

Things you can do to be happier in 2020

Month one of the new decade down! And honestly most of our resolutions are probably fallen through too. Resolutions are funny that way. We are supposed to make big goals and somehow carry out the big picture without thinking about the little steps that get to them. So now that most of us are over [...]