It is my mission to help everyone integrate healthy habits into their daily lives while still enjoying food and the experiences that surround it.

I believe that nutrition is simple and yet something that we make complicated. We live in a world that tells us to watch out for our food even though it is integrated with our personal and cultural identity. Nothing brings us out of our shell like food and yet, nothing has been demonized like it.

I believe that a well rounded life is one well lived and through nutrition, we will address underlying conditions. Not just for my clients but for myself as well, which means I am constantly looking to learn, grow and improve my life, my knowledge and my practice.


Each person has a unique set of circumstances that effect their eating and their lifestyle. From how we work out (or don’t) to how many kids are in the house, there is no one way for everyone to eat and live. Therefore, each program must tailored in a way that will work for an individual and their specific needs. Together, we develop this and set goals, as well as looking at habits that will help you meet them in both the short term and the long term.

With my clients, we will work together to build healthy behaviors to meet their fitness and weight goals while learning cooking and other life skills that will completely change the way that they look at food. Each month, clients will have two private sessions where we will go over goals, achievements and challenges. Along with those sessions, once a month we will hold a cooking class to really help you practically learn cooking and whole food skills. This is not only a cooking class but a chance to connect with other people that are on a similar journey. Connection matters! With your goals, with your habits, with your body and with your community!

Aside from weight loose, there are plenty of reason why nutrition matters. Nutrition effects everything and can improve so many things including:

  • Digestion
  • Skin
  • Energy levels
  • Focus
  • Mood
  • Sex life
  • Sleep
  • Athletic performance

Included in Program

When starting this program remember that this is a program that focuses on making life ling changes and supporting a healthy relationship with whole, real and healthy food. No quick fixes or diet products here. Which means that it requires a bit of time. I ask for a minimum of a three month commitment.

Every month includes:

  • 2 hour long sessions
  • Between week support, encouragement & trouble shooting
  • 1 group cooking/ food prep class
  • All the food logs/ training charts/ect and instructions you need

On-Line Coaching

This is not an app or anything of the like. I’m not boosting “Personalized” just to say the word. You are not going to be lumped into a group with others that might be like you in some ways but aren’t in most others.

On line coaching will be the same as in person coaching just with chat sessions via Skype or any other messaging system that might be better for you. These 30-45 minute sessions will focus on your goals, challenges and provide you with all the same guidance that you would get with an in person session.


  • Twice a month chat sessions.
  • Between week support.
  • Recipes and food ideas.


Inquire at about details of services at: