My Beliefs

What do I mean when I say that I’m a witch?  It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who has faith, that is a difficult thing to explain even to themselves.  We take faith for granite when it is a mainstream religion like Christianity and Judaism, even Buddhism.  These things have specific doctrines that [...]

What is a Seeker & How To Protect Yourself If You Are One

I am a seeker I am a seeker and I know that some people just rolled their eyes at that phrase.  But it truly is what I am.  I am a person that seeks out information and meaning.  I love reading about alternative religions, cultures, and ways of knowing.  I didn’t know there was a [...]

How to be an artists when you didn’t feel artistic

Being artistic is…hard.  Admitting that I’m artistic is harder.  I come from from a family of highly talented people.  My brother works for Lucas Films, my cousin is a fashion guru and gothic goddess, my other cousin is a baker that can decorate a cupcake and make you think that it's art of weed (Whichever [...]

Don’t ‘Manifest’ this year

Why Manifesting and the Trends around it are utter Bull Shit Before you go around saying that I’m a negative person, I’m really not.  Of course I believe in energies and being positive but the currents trends around the word “manifesting” is almost as nauseating as the word “Tribe”.  I’m not going to talk about [...]

How to be creative AND productive

How to be creative AND productive

These two are not mutually exclusive! Start with Passion.  A lot of people view themselves as ‘artists’ in terms of making their living from art.  But let’s be real, in our modern world how realistic is that?  I purposefully got an office job because cooking all the time was creatively draining, along with physically draining. [...]

Smudging 101

Smudging 101

Cleansing your space & yourself for the New Year Note that this is a smoke ritual, one of smudging. Smudging can be problematic and as an environmentalist I know that there are very common smudging's which are endangered from over harvesting such as White Sage and Palo Santo as a biproduct of the wellness movement [...]