What is the Evil Eye?

You know what I'm talking about. The three blue circles are probably something that you have seen in a lot of beads and jewelry. I wear this symbol a lot actually. It is a meaningful symbol both because of where my family is from (Calabraia Italy) and because I am a woman. Both of the [...]

How to be creative AND productive

These two are not mutually exclusive! Start with Passion.  A lot of people view themselves as ‘artists’ in terms of making their living from art.  But let’s be real, in our modern world how realistic is that?  I purposefully got an office job because cooking all the time was creatively draining, along with physically draining. [...]

Things I Want to Keep Going with that I Learned in Lockdown

There were obviously things about quarantine that were horrible…and still are because being frank, we aren’t done with the Pandemic yet.  But there were a few things that I started doing during quarantine that I might not have given myself time to do or wouldn’t have tried if we didn’t have to pump the brakes [...]

Habits of People who always seem like they are in shape

Habits of People who always seem like they are in shape

We all have the friend who always seems like they are doing something and in shape. And weirder then that they seem to enjoy it and working out! It seems strange to many people that think that they 'dont have enough time' but then remember that that person has the same jobs and kids. So [...]