Things to look out for in a job interview

When looking at interview things there are a million words that you should say (And shouldn’t say) in a job interview.  I have probably read 99% of them.  I like to be prepared after all and since I look young, I always try to take the extra step to sound experienced and professional because…well, I [...]

How to be creative AND productive

These two are not mutually exclusive! Start with Passion.  A lot of people view themselves as ‘artists’ in terms of making their living from art.  But let’s be real, in our modern world how realistic is that?  I purposefully got an office job because cooking all the time was creatively draining, along with physically draining. [...]

Things I Want to Keep Going with that I Learned in Lockdown

There were obviously things about quarantine that were horrible…and still are because being frank, we aren’t done with the Pandemic yet.  But there were a few things that I started doing during quarantine that I might not have given myself time to do or wouldn’t have tried if we didn’t have to pump the brakes [...]