New Media Literacy and Research

First of all I want to say that in this post I will not be talking about plain old “Media literacy”.  That’s been done by a million people, as has everything, and truth be told, it's outdated.  Gone are the days when we could even pretend that we can limit media in our lives.  There [...]

My Beliefs

What do I mean when I say that I’m a witch?  It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who has faith, that is a difficult thing to explain even to themselves.  We take faith for granite when it is a mainstream religion like Christianity and Judaism, even Buddhism.  These things have specific doctrines that [...]

Things I do every day- that make me feel better

I am a creature of habit.  I know this.  I even acknowledge that my catholic upbringing and its constant ritual makes me feel comforted, even when I am an earth-based witch.  There is just something about a routine that calms me (And most human minds) and makes me feel better.  I recognized this pretty early.  [...]

What is a Seeker & How To Protect Yourself If You Are One

I am a seeker I am a seeker and I know that some people just rolled their eyes at that phrase.  But it truly is what I am.  I am a person that seeks out information and meaning.  I love reading about alternative religions, cultures, and ways of knowing.  I didn’t know there was a [...]

Guilty Pleasures Welcome!

I have always defined myself by my “Guilty pleasures”.  Being a nerd before nerds were main stream and before literally every comic book and movie was refranchised and sold to studios it was kind of essential.  Starwars was how my dad learned german because he knew literally every single line.  We had my uncle tape [...]