What is a Seeker & How To Protect Yourself If You Are One

I am a seeker

I am a seeker and I know that some people just rolled their eyes at that phrase.  But it truly is what I am.  I am a person that seeks out information and meaning.  I love reading about alternative religions, cultures, and ways of knowing. 

I didn’t know there was a word for this until relatively recently but finding the word was a completely new experience.  I could feel the word and identify with it…almost like a name but more emotional.  I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t this thing, this kind of person.  Its something that I have always done, looking for something, feeling like there is something out there that I’m supposed to find, writing journal prompts to get deep into my own mind, constantly searching for new things to learn and understand.  Its an engrained part of my personality that I never don’t remember having.  It might have come from the fact that my parents always tried to keep us busy.  There was always some sort of science experiment going on in our house, encouraging learning.  We were one of those families where during the summer we would still have to do a work book every day. 

But at the same time I can’t help but thinks that it’s a personality trait too.  Its something that I have seen friends grow out of.  While there are things that are of course perks to being a seeker, of course there are pitfalls too.  There are so many different kinds of seekers but I can’t help but feel like seeking is part of being human and in a world where we feel so disconnected from things – our food, our friends, nature, the water we drink, the work that we do and even the family that we all as humans used to see daily and now only see on face book- is it really any wonder why there are so many people in the world looking for something to connect them to eachother and thus, to themselves? 

The pros are easy and they can be easy to see.  You probably are thinking about a seeker as you read this and going….oh!  Maybe you are the seeker too.  In fact you probably are if you’re reading this.

  • A desire to constantly learn is one of the best traits I can think of and always make for the most interesting people.  The people that I enjoy the most are the ones that want to try things, learn things, invite me to a yoga class, recommend a great podcast a book I haven’t heard or, a place I’ve never been to.  The idea of going to bars and clubs has never interested me.  The thought of going to a sacred space, a museum or on a tour?  I’m always interested in that. 
  • People who are seekers tend to be more flexible.  They are willing to listen to new ideas…and old ideas.  Ideas that aren’t theirs.  They aren’t interested in arguing.  They are interested in having a conversation and trying to at least understand where the other person is coming from.
  • They are devoted to the big picture.  They aren’t selfish and want the world to thrive, not just themselves.  This can mean so many different things but in the long run it comes down to their idealism and their faith in a wonderful world. 
  • They go through life with glee.  When you move through life you can do it with your head phones on, looking down and not making eye contact.  Or you can move through life paying attention.  Asking Questions.  Being curious is the best way to stay young and keep an open mind. 
  • They tend to be more positive…pragmatically.  They believe that there are problems in the world.  Mostly because they are being curious and paying attention but they have hope (For the most part) that there is a way to improve.  No matter which way that is. 
  • Seekers love everything and are super passionate in everything that they do.  This is because they go into things without reservation and with their whole being. 
  • They like to try different things constantly.  New trends, new places, new temples….anything new.  It might scare them a little but often times they find that an exciting part of the experience. 
  • They seek out community and connection.  I love my different communities from running to potting.  Connecting with other humans is a big part of who were are but hard in this day and age.  They are not afraid of that and consider it part of life.

Of course there are cons to being a seeker too.  They don’t outweigh the good but they do make the point that maybe you need that one friend who’s not a seeker to tell you to watch your back.

  • They think the best of people, even when people don’t give them a reason too.  This makes them very easy to take advantage of…and I certainly have been a few times.  Some people (And this was a very hard pill for me to swallow) don’t want to be redeemed.  There is no saving that. 
  • They are susceptible to manipulating.  When you want to believe the best in everyone, you tend to be more vulnerable to groups and individuals.
  • Seeing both sides can sometimes cloud your own.  You are allowed to believe in something too.  Just because you can see other peoples points of view doesn’t mean that you are wrong and they are right. 
  • Sometimes you’re seeking so much that you forget what you have.  Not everything is about big meaning.  There are simple joys in life like reading a fiction book, having a couch potato day and a million other small things that you are allowed to enjoy.  Looking for enlightenment is great.  Finding a big purpose is great.  But is it everything?  No.  Don’t forget about this moment and the people that are around you now in a search for the big picture.  Sometimes shit just happens.  Sometimes you need to slow down and look at the very very present moment. 
  • Disillusionment can hit hard and sometimes leads to depression.  The highs of being a seeker can be very high.  That flow state feels so good that sometimes when you cant get into it the next day you think that something might be wrong with you.  Sometimes something isn’t what you thought and that can hurt.  Sometimes people aren’t who you thought and loosing that can feel so physically painful you want to cry. 
  • All or nothing mindset is a big thing with seekers, most of all when they have a type A personality…which is one hundred percent me.  Its okay to be doing other things too.  You don’t have to invest in everything so fully that there is nothing else to your day.
  • They want community.  Yes this was in the pro section too.  But as the bullet above stated, seekers tend to be very all of nothing.  When they jump into something they do it head first.  Being part of a community is fine.  But being part of only one community is a cult.  Seekers need to be sure to diversify their communities and activities so that they can see the big picture that they want so bad. 

In a world where everything is polarized, seekers like myself can be pulled into a variety of things that might not actually be good for them.  Yes this can mean one of those scary dooms day cults that you saw on a hulu documentary.  But it can also mean things like …well like Q-anon.  Its hard to leave some of these groups not only because they are designed that way, but because you loose a lot of your friends and basically your entire community.  Even when I quit my running group after an injury I felt this ache of something missing because those were my people.

Like anything as a seeker, the key is to not put all of your eggs into one basket.  Its to diversify your friend group.  To balance yourself out with doing good, searching and learning and living your life.  You should be able to do a bunch of things with your time.  Not just one.  You should feel supported but also know how to support your own mental health without the group. You should be able to have your own thoughts on a topic without having to water that down for others.  Remember your own feelings.  Pay attention to what is going on around you that might not be the greatest.  Because no matter how positive you are, part of understand the world is being able to accept the things that aren’t so great and the things that you don’t have control over. 

Be a wise seeker.  Don’t trust someone else with your future.  Keep your critical thought.  When someone shows you who they really are, believe them without letting your own desire for them to be the best cloud your judgement. 

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