Guilty Pleasures Welcome!

I have always defined myself by my “Guilty pleasures”.  Being a nerd before nerds were main stream and before literally every comic book and movie was refranchised and sold to studios it was kind of essential.  Starwars was how my dad learned german because he knew literally every single line.  We had my uncle tape (And I do mean VHS tape) episodes of the X Files and a little-known show called Dark Angel which would introduce the world to a teenage Jessica alba before anyone knew who she was.  We were a nerd family and still are. 

The difference is now that Nerding is all the rage.  Everyone knows that superheroes and lucky for me its no longer weird for a 35-year-old woman to have a collection of Funko Pop Villains in her bedroom.  I’m not even kidding I have 13 looking at me right now from Chithumlu to Stevie from Pet Cemetery to Gritty (yes gritty, the mascot of the Philadelphia fliers is a villain and you can’t change my mind.).  Of course trends come and go but the point is that there is always something that will come in and out of vogue. 

I don’t know if it’s my age or anything else, maybe I’m just more comfortable with myself but the more I think about guilty pleasures, the less I feel guilty about them.  The truth is that I don’t think any of us should feel guilty about what we love.  Unless we love murdering people of course.  Why shoukd we feel guilt about anything that brings us joy.  This life is short and each love, each hobby, each moment is something that we are not only allowed to live but supposed to enjoy, so why should we feel guilty about anything that brings us joy? 

My guilty pleasures: 

My comfort shows

Trash TV like Hoarders

Horror movies

Horror books

All the podcasts all the time

Really really dark hot chocolate with whipped cream vodka mixed in it. 

Whipped cream vodka anything actually.  I’m alright with being a sorority girl. 

Buying way too many plants

Role playing with friends on the internet. 

Being a writer

Prefer early nights in instead of late nights out.  I’m okay with not being a partier. 

Farmers markets

Buying a 60 dollar coffee mug because I fucking can.

Ordering food for delivery even if its only a mile and a half away. 

Tweeting with no pants on.

Listening to books on audiable instead of reading them.

Reading about cults and serial killers

Scrolling thought social media

Listening to pop music from the 90’s

Listening to other people talk about their drama

Day dreaming about people that don’t actually exist.  Fictional men written by women are so much better then real men. 

Using pet finder like a dating app. 

Fuzzy socks

Having more lounging clothes and pajamas that probably cost more than my outside-the-house clothing. 

Drinking more tea than plain water. 

Spending the mornings cuddling with my dog

Keeping my room ice cold while snuggled up with a heated mattress pad.

As you can see there are so many different things that can bring just little amounts of joy, even if it’s just scream-singing spice girls in the car.  What’s wrong with that?  Why feel guilty?

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