Book List 2021

My original goal was to read 52 book this year ( once a week) but as I listen to some on audible at work all day, five days a week, I passed that number really quickly.  As most people know, I am not a book snob.  If I really love a book or author, I buy in hardcover but I am not opposed to listening to audiobooks, reading them on Kindle or even on my phone if I’m sitting on a plane or train, in a waiting room, whatever.  As long as you are absorbing literature, to me, it doesn’t matter how.  Plus, if someone was blind would you say they have never read a book?  No, that would be bigoted and ridiculous. 

I’m a big fan of books and consider reading and learning not only essential to life but also important in creative thinking and critical thinking.  There have been studies showing that people who read are more empathetic because they learn to ‘hear’ multiple points of view from different characters/ personalities.  I most certainly attribute the fact that I am so Empathetic to the fact that I spent so much time inside of characters heads, learning that my way of thinking wasn’t the only way, learning that there are another place in the world, food and cultures that I haven’t seen, an entire world and thought process that I don’t see in my every day life.  Understanding this is a big part of learning how to love in a globalized world and be a multi-dimensional thinker.  It quickened my ability to make connections, to understand feelings that felt way too big for me at the time.  Books teach children things that are hard to learn without them.  Imagination can only be cultivated with story and art, both of which books are to someone like me.     

Reading and learning matters. It just does and I love the fact that at work I can listen to books and get so many more in.    It mattered when we were young, and it matters when we are adults.  Remember being young and making fun when your parents didn’t know how to use texting or anything else properly?  That’s going to be you if you don’t keep learning.  Books are the easiest and most accessible way to learn.  That’s not even getting into the rise of eBook IN public libraries.  Could you ask for anymore accessibility?   Plus with everyone talking about how you can’t trust the internet, wouldn’t it be better to grab a book.  Of course, publications had bias’s but at least its been a little bit vetted by someone….anyone compared to that facebook post from a news source that no one but your Great Uncle Todd with the confederate flag.

I try to mix my books.  I love a good Horror book that makes my skin crawl and a mystery but I also like a book about the six queens of Egypt, books written by Indigenous authors about reclaiming their culture and a book about feminist Linguistics.  Books don’t make you ‘be’ anything but a reader.  You don’t have to pick a side and stick with it.  You can get through one in a day, as I often do if I’m in a good place and can, or you can read a poetry, essay and nonfiction book all in one day.  The possibilities are endless.  I even have a ‘social media’ app so that I can see what people I follow are reading, want to read and their reviews (Good Reads is amazing and besides for Instagram is my most used social media app).

One of my favorite things about the rise of ‘nerd culture’ in the past decade is that books have become more mainstream.  When I was little, I remember getting made fun of for reading all the time and my parents telling me not to take books with me to things because they were afraid that I wouldn’t socialize (Which I probably wouldn’t have because who care about my moms best friends stuck up daughter when I could be reading Dune?).  Now when I talk to people about books I often find that either they have read that book too and have been waiting years to find someone to talk to about it or that they want to know more and take down the name or order it from amazon or Barnes and Noble right then and there.  No longer are people like me judged for knowing too much or having heads in books and if they do judge me, they’re the weird and out-of-touch ones. 

Its not weird for me now to look at a friend or potential partner’s book collection.  It is a big red flag when people tell me that they don’t even like to read.  Not that they don’t have time or that they wish they could more.  But if they genuinely aren’t into stories, don’t even have a bookshelf with their favorite books on it from when they did read, or in my case not only don’t have a book shelf and a kindle AND all of the Funko Pop vinyl villains from their favorite books surrounding them, we might not be on the same page.  Yes, that’s wordplay for the sake of wordplay.  It doesn’t have to be the same books I like.  It doesn’t even have to be close.  You could read romance novels and while it’s not my cup of tea I respect that it’s yours.  But if they don’t read at all I have learned that it means a few things.  It means that they typically are inflexible.  It often means that they don’t like to try new things and if they do it’s a specific set of things. They are often less able to read my moods and ques that I might not have the words to say out loud (My friends that do read a lot can normally feel something is off without actually speaking to me).  It means that they probably don’t want to go to comic con with me and in the end, it probably means that they won’t respect my writing and creation time.  Of course, this is being general but in my limited experience, all of those things prove true.   

Reading has become such a mainstream thing and in the end it should be.  You should want people to have as many resources as possible and one of those resources is the time to read and absorb.  Even if it is entertainment free of an algorithm.

Below is the book list of what I have read in 2021 with my absolute favorites highlighted. 

Monkey Beach                                               January 1-2                        Fiction

You’re not a girl in a movie                         January 3rd                         Poetry

Dogs in Venice                                                January 3-4                        Fiction

Unfuck Your Brain                                         January 4-19                     Self-improvement

The searcher                                                   January 4-8                        Fiction

Wonders of the World                                  January 4-18                     Essays

The Ocean at the End of the Lane             January 7-8                        Fiction

Bravey                                                               January J 12-14                 Memoir

When Women Ruled the World                 January 15-19                   History

Witches, Sluts & Feminist                            January 20-21                   Non Fiction

How to be Parisian                                        January 21                         Non fiction

The Strand                                                       January 21-31                   Horror

Post Colonial Love Poem                             January 31- Feb 18          Poetry

Wine girl                                                          Jan 31-Feb 4                      Memoir

Animal Farm                                                   Feb 1                                   Classic

The Midnight Library                                     Feb 1-3                               Fiction  

Killer By Nature                                              Feb 3                                   True Crime

The Sanitorium                                               Feb 4-5                               Triller

View from the Cheap Seats                         Feb 4-9                               Memoir

The Invisible Man                                          Feb 9-10                             Classic

Lovecraft Country                                          Feb 10-11                           Horror

Smoke in your Eyes                                       Feb 11-12                           Non Fiction

The Only Good Indian                                   Feb 12-13                           Fiction

Dead girls                                                         Feb 14-16                           Social Science turned Memoir

The Southern Book Clubs Guide                Feb 16-18                           Fiction

to Killing Vampires

Underland                                                       Feb 18-26                           Non Fiction/ Geology/ History 

Mindhunter                                                      Feb 19-22                           True Crime

Burning Girls                                                   Feb 23-24                           Horror

The Lost city of Z                                            March 1-2                          Non Fiction/ history

Reanimator                                                     March 3                              Classic

The Ruin                                                           March 3-4                          Mystery

Mythos                                                             March 5-8                          Myth/ history

The Other People                                           March 12-14                      Horror

When You Find Me                                        March 19-22                      Mystery

Kill Creek                                                          March 22-24                      Horror

The Lost Village                                              March 24-28                      Mystery              

Killer Across the Table                                  March 26-29                      True Crime

Future of Nutrition                                        March 30-31                      Non Fiction

Ninth House                                                    April 1-4                             Fiction  

The Hiding Place                                            April 5-7                             Horror

Confident Women                                         April 7-8                             True Crime

The Year of Witching                                    April 8-12                           Fiction

I’ll be Gone in the Dark                                April 13-14                         True Crime

Lost Feist                                                          April 18-23                         History/ Social science

Untamed                                                          April 24-30                         Non Fiction

Scared: Escaping NIXIUM                             May 5-6                              Memoir

Chalk Man                                                       May 6-7                              Horror

Midnight in the Garden of Good & Evil    May 10-14                         Classic

Her Body & Other Parties                            May 17-25                         Essays

You’re Never weird on the Internet          May 24-25                         Memoir  

Killer Ladies                                                     May 26-28                         True Crime

Dreams in the witchouse                             May 28                               Horror

Yearbook                                                          May 29-30                         Memoir

The Monster of Florence                             May 31- June 1                 True crime

If You Tell                                                         June 6-8                             True Crime

The Last Final Girl                                           June 14-15                         Horror

Heros                                                                June 15-18                         Myth/ history

Spirit run                                                          June 21                               Running/ Memoir

Beyond the North Wind                               June 25-27                         History

What the Dog Knows                                    June 27-30                         Non Fiction

The Herd                                                          July 2-4                               Fiction

Troy                                                                   July 4-6                               Myth/ history

Under the Banner of Heaven                      July 7-8                               History/ True Crime

Anti Trust                                                         July 10-13                           Non Fiction/ History/ Economics         

Monster She Wrote                                      July 14-16                           Non Fiction/ History

The Butterfly Garden                                    July 16-18                           Horror

Eat Pray FML                                                   July 18-20                           Memior

Hemlock Groove                                            July 24-26                           Horror

The Killers Shadow                                        July 27-28                           True Crime

The Historian                                                  Aug 1-5                               Fiction

Braiding Sweetgrass                                      Aug 20-25                          Non fiction/ biology

We Were Never Here                                   Aug 31-Sept 1                   Fiction

Shiver                                                                Sept 7-8                              Mystery              

101 Essays that will change your life        Sept 11                               Essays

Combatting Cult Mind Control                   Sept 11-16                         Non Fiction

Stiff                                                                    Sept 21-22                         Non Fiction/ Social science

Oracle                                                               Sept 27-28                         Fiction

Mr Mercedes                                                  Oct 4-5                                Horror

The Rural Diaries                                           Oct 7-8                                Memoir

Good Vibes; Good Life                                  Oct 11-16                           Non fiction

The Dinner Guest                                           Oct 16-17                           Mystery

The Whisper Man                                          Oct 18- Nov 1                    Thriller

The Coroner                                                    Oct 18-19                           Fiction                 

Cultist: the language of Fanaticism           Oct 29-30                           Linguistics/ Social Science

Troublemaker                                                  Nov 1-2                               Memoir

Wordslut                                                          Nov 3-                                 Linguistics/ Social Science

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