Yule Ritual for Growth

I love Yule, maybe because it fits so well into secular society so its not strange to people when I step to the side do to these rituals. The winter and Yule rituals that we think about can seem strange in the dead of winter. Thinking about growth always goes with the spring to us but winter is when the work happens below the soil. Its the earth taking a break so that its ready to burst into spring. Its also the time that people way back when took a moment to breath after working so hard in tending and harvesting.

Plants and growth are something that have become even more beloved over the past few years. But really plants being moved from the outside to the inside can be traced back to Victorian England as status symbols. Now we all know all of the physical, emotional and mental benefits of plants.

Yule is a beautiful time to reflect on this, most of all if you live in a traditionally temperate climate. Seeing this green and feeling the dirt in between your fingers is a reminder of the fact that Yule means a turn from the darkest day to the lighter days of the year. It is a reminder of hope that we are in a state of transition from the shortest day of the year, which was traditionally the hardest day for farmers or people that live off the land with the shortest days. Its a time when we honor both the dark and the coming of the sun.

Symbols of Yule are known to so many of us evergreens, holly, Mistletoe, Yule Logs/ Trees, Candles, Wreaths and Bells are all pagan signs of Yule and things that have been woven into Christian and secular tradions that we can celebrate.

My Yule ritual for growth is a simple one but one that carries me through the season and through the rest of the year. It clears the air in both a literal and physical sense, brings us an opportunity to slow down and set goals for the new season thats coming.

What You’ll Need:

  • A potted plant
  • A small crystal
  • An intension for the rest of the year
  • Paper and non toxic pen

To do:

Take a trip to your local florists and find a potted plant that you love and feel attached to. Also consider what light you have on your alter and in your space. This is a great little trip for me because going into the greenhouse is one of my favorate things to do in the winter anyway. This year I picked a mini cypress tree (Low light) and a cute little symmetric pot.

Spend a few minutes thinking up a one or two word intension for the rest of the year. Something you want to focus on or gain in the next cycle. Really ruminate on this, think it through. Write this down on your paper and wrap it around your crystal. Holding this little bundle in your crystal bundle close to your heart. Repeat your intension outloud, over and over again, getting louder each time, really feeling this intention. Once you are done bury your crystal bundle into the dirt of your plant, anchoring it into the roots visualizing your intention while you do it, how your life will look and what you want.

Place the plant on your alter. Mindfully tend to your plant every day, watering it, growing your intention with it, opening the blinds and giving it light for growth and closing the blinds to let it rest and rejuvenate at night. Tending to this plant reminds us that growth takes time and there is something happening under the surface, even when it doesn’t look like it during the darkest days of the year.

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