What is the Evil Eye?

You know what I’m talking about. The three blue circles are probably something that you have seen in a lot of beads and jewelry. I wear this symbol a lot actually. It is a meaningful symbol both because of where my family is from (Calabraia Italy) and because I am a woman. Both of the reasons for this meaning will be obvious in this Post.

The eye is coming up in a lot of pop culture over the past decade. Everyone wears it including people like Oprah and Meghan Markle. As this symbol becomes more and more popular it is even more essential for us to talk about where it comes from and what it is for.

The evil eye has been a present in cultures from Turkey, Arabic Culture, Greek, Hebrew and Italian cultures. It dates back at least to 6th century BC and is linked to a “Benevolent Glare.” Basically it comes back to people being envious. Throughout early culture there was an emphasis, mostly on woman, not to draw too much attention to yourself. That if you flaunt your wealth or your good fortune it can draw the envy of others and this negative energy can cause bad things to happen in your life.

This negative energy (And what we might know now as micro aggressions) was often cast upon those in the public eye or those that ‘made too much of a spectacle of themselves’. Anyone from politicians to pregnant women were told to beware of the evil eye and it was a very real belief that bad things would happen to you. This theology, like all rules dictated by lore and religions, served a purpose: To make sure people were reminded of the importance of humility and in some cases, to keep them in their place.

The evil eye pendant was made to combat the benevolent forces created by others envy and jealousy. While it did originate in the Mediterranean it also shows up in various literature from the Koran to Virgil. It spreads across a lot of cultures from that area and spread out far fast as this was such a Nexis in the early trade world.

The charm that we now wear is meant to reflect the energy back 3 fold- the most common charm that is seen shows three circles of different shades of blue.

In our current culture where self promotion is a common thing and ‘being seen’ is everything, the evil eye can take on a heavier work old but also can be a reminder of how destructive evny can be as well as reminding us that humility and doing the right thing by others in our community is the most powerful way to ward off negative energy.

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