How to be creative AND productive

These two are not mutually exclusive!

Start with Passion. 

A lot of people view themselves as ‘artists’ in terms of making their living from art.  But let’s be real, in our modern world how realistic is that?  I purposefully got an office job because cooking all the time was creatively draining, along with physically draining. Now when I’m done making my money I want to be creative.  Go into something, pottery, writing, painting…ect for the love of it and maybe at some point someone will buy something from you.  If you are looking for money, the creative arts are not the place to make it.  However, if you do it for the love of it and don’t even think about anything else, then there is really no way to fail is there? 

Write things down: 

As a writer this has never been a problem for me.  But when it comes to getting into other forms of creativity, its something that I need to work on,.  Write down ideas, color combinations you like, one liner that friends say that inspire you, things that you want to get done…everything.  Of course, I use my planner to set calendar dates for things like dead lines and restocks.  But every idea should be written down because no matter how much we tell ourselves that we will remember it, we probably won’t. 


Use deadlines and events to set goals.

This sounds obvious but its not.  Lets take a restock date for example.  If I know that I want to restock every other month, that gives me a dead line to make the items that I want, take pictures, write descriptions ect.  If you are in a writing group, set a share date and know that you do need to produce so you have something to share with that group.  Its not just an arbitrary date that way.  Its something to force creativity in a good way that has a purpose. 


Take time away: 

This can be going outside, riding your bike, watching a shit show (If you need one I have a list I can give you, trust me).  Really anything.  We can’t produce all the time and making yourself is a recipe for burn out.  Something like a vacation is something that we all need, even from the things that we love. 

Remove distraction:

  I am very very lucky that two of my hobbies are things that I can’t look at my phone during.  Running obviously I’m not jumping on social media with and when doing pottery, my hands are so muddy that I really shouldn’t be touching my phone.  Now if only I could figure out a way to do that with my writing!  Yes, I make sure to curate my social media feed to only follow positive people.  Yes I get ride of everything on the internet that makes me feel bad.  But that still doesn’t mean that I should be watching you tubers constantly. 

One thought on “How to be creative AND productive

  1. For me, the biggest obstacle is space. With everyone locked in an apartment for the year, our spare room is being used as an office by my husband. Our son uses the living room as his play area, and there’s not enough room (or a table) in the bedrooms. It’s very annoying, but I sometimes use the dining table to spread out my art materials


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