An Ode to Writing Prompts

Free writing and journaling is one of the things that I love the most in life because it sparks my creativity and makes me think outside of the box. Sometimes I know that I will fill up five to ten pages hand written…having no idea what I’m writing. But that’s the entire beauty of a a prompt. They can take you far…fast. Jet pack fast; winged super-beings from a rip in space time fast; scraps of meat in a tree from moving too fast over the canopy of a forest fast!

I find prompts beautiful in the most fundamentally raw way of writing. No one should control their responses to prompts. They are a million, tiny first drafts. Firsts drafts are rough, raw to the point that they are almost bleeding. They can change in an instant and its completely fine. Its where you can see the nature and style of the writer. Their true voice, their cadence, their wild and unruly thought patterns that might make sense, or might not. No editing, no overly thinking, no worry about someone seeing it or not. This is where ideas are made and new characters are found. The development lays in inhibition.

In this way all of the jokes about our FBI and NSA agent jokes are right. We are like serial killers before they find their true signature. We are figuring it out and chances are, its going to get messy. Blood on the walls, ‘you’ve got red on you’, where the hell is my red pen messy. Primal and we like it messy

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