Skin Care Beyond Masks

One of the things that people have been commenting on as I get older is how young I look because of my skin/ who good my skin looks and that they are surprised by my age because of it.  I seldom actually get guessed for my actual age.  I am only 4 foot 11 inches and petite so that has a big factor in it to be sure but its also because of my skin.  I take really good care of my skin but that wasn’t always the case.  When I was young I had horrible, horrible acne and remember being made fun of for it.  I have a hard time with my hormones that we learned about because of my ovarian problems and was put on birth control early…which honestly was probably not great for an eleven-year-old and certainly wasn’t good for my skin.

But honestly it has a lot to do with just being a teen and preteen.  All the same, the 90’s were a time when the pharma segment was all too giddy to give young adults medication for their skin instead of just letting it play out and teaching them good, natural skin care.

I didn’t start really taking care of my skin until my early to mid 20’s when a friend of mine from college started selling from a company called “Beauty couture”.  Obviously now I know that they was really a pyramid skin but it really started making me think about my skin by advertising to college aged girls that now was the time to start prevention.  At least that was true.  

Acknowledge your hormonal and lifestyle:  This is a big one that we ignore is the fact that as biological beings, our body goes through different hormonal cycles over periods of time (biological male and female).  We need to know that there are times in this cycle that we will shift, break out, our skin will get dry or oily, ect.  Knowing these cycles is important because like in my teenage story, we tend to think that we can control everything, that a peel or a medication will do the trick and control this amazingly complex system that is our chemistry.  We can’t, at least not all the time and the more we fight it with all of these products and procedures, the worse off we will be.

Stick with natural:  I am far more into skin care than make-up.  I know those two things can be marketed together but for me, make-up needs to be just as natural when I wear it as my skin care.  BY natural I mean how its made.  But if I can get away with not wearing make up at all, that’s even better for my skin.  The products that I do use are all natural.  I use masks but they are never ever peels.  I try not to use things with any sort of drying ingredients.  Generally, it’s as natural as possible.  This really lets my skin do what it wants and self-regulate itself.  Don’t get me wrong, sometimes its tempting to try and cover up a slight imperfection or to buy a five-dollar mask.  But if it clogs up my pores it’s not allowed on my skin anymore then a plastic bag being put over my head.

The key to this is really quality over quantity.  I pay more for my skin care because it lasts longer.  I invested in a good silicone vibrating brush to cleans and a facial steamer instead of going and getting peels.  I only buy good, high quality makeup and I don’t wear much of it.  I don’t use foundation unless I’m going to something like a wedding…and even than not really. 

Sun & sunscreen:  I actually didn’t wear a lot of sunscreen growing up…I know!  So bad.  We were just always outside, and I never thought about it.  Even when it did do on…I don’t remember being reapplied to every time we went in and out of the water, which was always.  I do now but probably not as much as I should.  That being said obviously you should be wearing sunscreen but you should also be in the sun.  Vitamin D is really good for your skin and you are supposed to be outside in it.  I’m not saying bake yourselves with baby oil (Obviously) but being out in the sun  with the proper protection is something that is going to be good for your skin and your mood. 

Hydrate: Water, water, water!  Everyone knows this.  Drink more water and your skin will get better and be more elastic.  This means you will bounce back when things do go wrong.  Hydrate your skin and make sure that you are hydrating on the outside during the dry season with things like all-natural rose waters (Not witchazel; rosewater on its own). 

Sweat:  While we’re on the topic of hydration we might as well talk about sweating.  Sweating is like a natural cleanse for your skin.  Its so good for you. Getting all of that muck out of your pores is going to do wonders for your skin and prevent wrinkles.  I love a good hard sweat doing a run or while being outside.  Afterwards be sure to clean yourself off and wash but sweating is better for you then it could possibly be bad. 

 Change your bedding often:  So we were talking about sweat…might as well talk about your bedding.  Obviously, your face isn’t the only place where you have skin.  I break out on my back and most people do.  Changing your bedding often and using high quality linen is important because it is rubbing against your skin all night, trapping in dirt and grim and sweat and then redepositing it on your skin.  Change your pillow cases and sheets as often as you feel comfortable but my general rule is once a week…sometimes twice if I woke up in a sweat. 

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