15 Hobbies for Adults

One of the things that I didn’t think about when I was growing up was just how hard it was going to be to balance life. For some reason I didn’t think about anything after college besides what kind of job I was going to have. While this is a noble goal and one most of us focus on for most of our lives, at least until we get there, it is not the only thing that happens after college and after…well being an adult. I spent most of my life after 21 trying to keep my nose to the grind stone. Trying to work as hard as I could with very little investment in personal time. Work, marriage…all the right things.

But I didn’t take care of myself. I didn’t think about the things that made me happy. I hear this alot from my friends that had kids too. Suddenly the nights out at the bar or just going out to eat aren’t as fun as they used to be. You want to engage and our minds need to be engaged in things other then what we do for a living. We need sports. We need things that are tactile. We need to engage with different people then the ones we live with and see every day in the office.

I always thought that I didn’t have the time or the money for hobbies until I started running. Yes I always wrote but one thing isn’t good for you and when I was working in the food service industry I not only didn’t have the money to take part in my hobbies, or the set schedule, I didn’t even have the desire to cook or bake after a long day already doing it. When I started running I started hanging out with different people and even the same people in a different way. It was great. Time spent with us running and talking together, trying something new together, working on plans together. All of that. When I moved up here and started doing accounting work I found that I could do even more. That I had the time and I wanted to meet more people so I joined a whole running group. Then I wanted to do more so I started taking a pottery class and doing something with my hands, my body in running and my brain at work left me feeling even better and connected me with a bunch of other people of all ages I wouldn’t have otherwise met.

The point is this: Just because you are an adult, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have hobbies. In fact if anything it means that you can go out and try all of the things that you’ve wanted to try. Below is a list of adult hobbies that you can try out this year, depending on your needs and what parts of your brain you want to engage.

  1. Join a sports team
  2. Find A running group
  3. Go to Pottery class
  4. Painting / pain by numbers
  5. Start a Reading group/ book club
  6. Go to an actual
  7. Take a Cooking class
  8. Do some Writing
  9. Take up Gardening
  10. Engage in Calligraphy
  11. Do some Puzzling
  12. Do Yoga
  13. Take Dance classes
  14. Enjoy Mixology
  15. Learn An instrument

Keep in mind that there is no need to be actually good at any of these things. In fact you can be utter shit at them when you start. Go into that with your eyes open and knowing that your skills might be a little bit rusty because you haven’t actually been physical or creative in a long time. Thats part of the process. And the beauty of hobbies as an adult is really that no one is judging you. Ever.

What are some hobbies that you guys have been engaged in that have brought you joy as an adult?

One thought on “15 Hobbies for Adults

  1. Many good ideas, here! I enjoy gardening, cooking, and walking. While walking, I try to pay attention to the growing things and birds. I also enjoying writing and pursuing publication. I’ve joined several writing critique groups and have met like-minded people that way:)

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