Habits of People who always seem like they are in shape

We all have the friend who always seems like they are doing something and in shape. And weirder then that they seem to enjoy it and working out! It seems strange to many people that think that they ‘dont have enough time’ but then remember that that person has the same jobs and kids. So what are they doing differently that keeps them active and, more important then that, happy instead of burnt out?

They Look For activities that they enjoy

One of my favorite things to say is that suffering is not success. This applies to exercise too. You shouldn’t suffer though your work outs. They should be something that you enjoy. It can be a dance class, it can be the walks that you take every morning around your neighborhood with friends. It might also be the time that they get to themselves without anyone bothering so that they can clear their minds and have some them time. Whichever it is, its something that they enjoy instead of something that they have to do.

They Rest

Like really rest. I know that this seems counter productive but they take time to rest and really relax. They make sure that they get a good, quality nights sleep, even on the weekends. Resting is something that’s so important for your body and your mind. In the wellness world there has been a focus on on the mental aspects of rest but lets not forget about the good it does for your body after a physical work out too. All of that tax on you takes its toll and all of the proteins shakes and the high end shit people try to sell you will never ever replace a goods nights rest on those tired muscles.

They never let themselves get hungry

Obviously this goes with the last one but it also means not skipping meals or only chugging down a coffee in the morning and hoping it will keep them going until lunch. Getting too hungry leads to eating too fast and often too much. On the other side of the coin, in shape women know that they need the calories and nutrition and that less isn’t always better, most of all if they are or were doing something active. For most of us just waking up, keeping our heart beating and breathing takes up more energy then you think, much more if you are active or even just living a day to day life where you chase kids or walk around! In shape people know this and eat not only the bare minimize but more so that they are sharp enough to live their best lives.

They think about what they ARE going to eat instead of what they AREN’T going to eat

No shock to anyone who reads my blog but as someone who suffered from an eating disorder for most of her life, often labeling it as ‘being healthy’, I am not a fan of diets. Diets are taking things out and constantly thinking about dieting and what you aren’t going to eat is exhausting. yes it might give you a momentary sense of superiority but that’s fleeting. Healthy people don’t think about what they aren’t allowed to eat. They think about what they are going to eat. They get excited about food. They don’t try and say that food doesn’t matter and its ‘just fuel’ because its not.

They drink ALOT of water

Water has a billion health benefits that I’m sure that you’ve already heard about. Drinking enough water though, above all other things keeps things moving. Think you can’t drink 8 glasses of water a day? Drink one an hour. Breaking it down helps with that big old goal and suddenly you’re not going to feel as daunted by it. Cut out all other liquids until you’ve had your glass of water. Need your morning coffee? Got to have your glass of water first. Afternoon tea pick me up? Glass of water first. Soda with lunch? Glass of water first. Hell you might find out that you don’t want the sugar or mid week cocktail after you have your water. Its going to help with your mental function, your work outs, and just your general function.

They make it a routine

The hardest part about exercise is getting started. Don’t give yourself the option. Don’t think about it. Build it into your schedule in the same way that you don’t think about the time it takes to brush your teeth. If my don’t think about it, it becomes something that you don’t have to think about. When you don’t think about things, first of all, you don’t give yourself the option of opting out. Second of all, you don’t give yourself decision fatigue. Decision fatigue is a term people use for the energy it takes to make decisions. For instance, having a ‘uniform’ like Steve Jobs means you aren’t thinking about your clothing. Ever choice that you have to make through the day, takes some gas out of your tank so make sure you have already made the choice that you are going to work out Monday, Wednesday and Fridays and know what work outs your going to do. This is why I love having a training plan. It makes the decisions for me.

They know what they deserve

The most common thing that stops people from being healthy, eating right and working out is that they just don’t have time. They don’t have time to exercise, they don’t have time to cook. But the thing is this. Why don’t you have time for yourself? Out of all the things in the world that you can do self care for, why isn’t this part of it? People who are healthy and take the time for themselves know what they deserve. They know that the greatest asset they have is their health and that taking care of themselves and their health is the greatest form of self care. They make time for the things that make them healthy and that they enjoy.

They Focus on Mental Health

Healthy people do not neglect their mental health. They don’t deprive themselves and they know when their mental health is suffering and when they need to focus on it. They know that their physical health is a by product of having a good mental state. When it comes to a work out or eating right they know that sometimes its not the most important thing in the world.

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