Eight Things Organized People Do Every Morning

I am known to be a super organized person. Form my planner to my closet to my car, everything has a place and everything has a time. That means that when things ‘pop up’ it never actually throws me off because I know if I can fit it in or if I need to reprioritize. This all starts with a set of habits that I do in the morning that start the day off right. While it is different for everyone depending on their time, type of job and child care situation, there are always basic things that we can follow. I know people with kids that still do a five mile run or 45 minute Peleton ride. Its all about setting your schedule and knowing how to manage your time.

There are things that come up…always for everyone regardless of if you are a waitress or a CEO. But these basic guide lines can help you get one the right track. Feel free to leave any of your favorite morning routines that help you stay organized and onto of your day!

Wake up on time

I do not let my alarm clock go off twice and I certainly don’t set multiple alarms. I say when I am going to wake up and then I do it. Most of the time now I wake up before the alarm and spend that time cuddling with my dog. Waking up on time is one of the most important things that you can do for yourself. You wont be stressed to get places on time and can actually have your routine so that you get a nice flow going in the morning.

Dont check their phone/ email

There is a joke right now: Do you check your phone before of while you go to the bathroom for your morning relief? Because you certainly don’t wait until after. This is a hard one but one that really does help me out. I don’t check my emails until after I get going for the day and am settled. You dont need to check right when you wake up. There is nothing important for work that is sent at 2 am.

Journal and Gratitude Log

Mornings are one of my favorite times because I have made a habit of waking up, making my coffee and sitting down to write out five things that I am grateful for and to Journal out of my Soul Therapy book. Journaling is a great way to start my day off on the right note, much nicer then doom scrolling my phone or needlessly looking at Instagram and everyone else’s life.

Make A To Do List

After my journaling, I pull out my planner and mark off my first cup of water and journaling for the day. There we go! First thing accomplished! Marking that check off is always the way to go. After that I jot out my to do list for the day. While most of my day to day activities as written down during my Sunday planning sessions, sometimes day to day tasks are best put in the day of. This is how I refresh on what needs to be done and set my priorities for the day.

Actually Eat Breakfast

We all know that breakfast is the most import meal of the day but its amazing how few of us do it. Again this is all about making time, carving out a ritual and getting yourself breakfast. Even if you just have a smoothie in the morning, take your time, put it in a real glass and drink it while sitting down. Slowing down gives you time to think, savor and will actually keep you full longer instead of woofing down something while in the car. Staying satisfied is just as much mental as it is physical.

Do a quick clean up

Clutter is the enemy of….well to be honest everything to me but that’s a side effect of my OCD. I can not work or be happy in clutter so one of the things that I do in the morning is to make sure that my bed is made, clothing is put away and that my desk area/ art area is straightened up. Not having clutter is going to help keep you on track and make life so much easier. This also includes my office space. I make sure that my desk is clean and things are laid out in order of what I have to do (As much as I can) so that when I am torn away I can come right back to it. Set up for success.

Dont let things build up

This goes for physical objects and tasks. Of course it is easier said then done. We hear about it alot but how do you actually keep this from happening? Well that comes with prioritizing. If you can’t do everything that you need to do in one day, figure out what is most important and reschedule the other things that you can’t fit in for later. This takes practice but it is important to learn and there is always the option of asking those giving the tasks or your boss what the priority is.

Have a Comforting Ritual

For me this means either my tea ritual or my coffee ritual. I don’t use the coffee pot or Kerig at work and instead have a little french press which I got at Home Goods on the cheap and a stash of loose leaf tea. Before I really buckle down I take the time (Arriving early to do so by 10-15 minutes) and make a little comforting ritual. It helps me settle in and makes my feel more productive and fills my workspace with an invigorating smell which often brings in my boss and coworkers in awe. This ritual is comforting and also helps me reset if I start to feel overwhelmed.

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