45 Things to help be happier

A simple list of 45 things that can help with your mental and physical health that take almost no money and focus on holistic happiness.

  • Go to therapy or use on line therapy
  • Say thank you to compliments without explanation
  • Make your bed every day
  • List your top 10 sources of stress then find ways to help with them
  • Compliment loved ones
  • Work on sitting up straight
  • Make a pretty desk/ work space
  • Dance around while cooking and cleaning
  • Stop dieting
  • Try new herbs and spices
  • Gratitude every day
  • While watching TV, stretch
  • Open your blinds in the morning and close them before bed
  • Leave your laptop in your workspace
  • Schedule breaks in your workday (5 minute, 1 minute, whatever)
  • Have healthy but yummy snacks aviable at all times
  • Drink water with lemon or wine
  • Eat seasonal produce/ go to local markets for it
  • Sign up for a new class of something that you want to learn
  • Let go of food rules
  • Prioritize your friendships (Not just romantic relationships)
  • Say I love you to more people
  • Read a book (Or audible it)
  • Become a work out person
  • Join a Team (When we are allowed again)
  • Let go of relationships that don’t serve you/ make you happy
  • purge your social media of negativity/ uninspiring accounts
  • Only have one social media app on your phone
  • Declutter your music, pictures, apps and notes on your phone (Put them in a cloud if needed)
  • Go on more walks
  • Learn how to feel sexy without another person
  • Minimize/ stream line your skin care routine
  • Start a book club
  • Unsubscribe from spam emails
  • Journal
  • Have “Self dates” aka go out and enjoy yourself on your own
  • Clean your space every day
  • Get light dimmers
  • Sell/ donate your old books
  • “Rainbow” your closet/ bookshelf
  • Go stargaze/on night walks
  • Call family members instead of texting
  • Sit in Childs pose when you’re stressed
  • Buy yourself a gift
  • Learn to enjoy things like grocery shopping

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