Things I Journal Every Day

A gratitude Log; This might seem obvious with everything that everyone says all of the time, but writing these sort of things down is important. Writing things down instead of just thinking them solidifies them in your mind. I like to do five things in the morning so that no matter how stressful things get through the day, I have these sitting in the back of my mind. Really they can be anything, anything physical, mental, events…anything at all that you’re grateful for.

Entertainment: I like writing down my entertainment from the day. I know that sounds strange but how often have you been telling someone a Netflix show and you just can’t remember the name? I write down my books, podcasts and TV shows that I watched that day (Obviously not all of them every day because I don’t get to listen to or watch TV every day). Its nice to have that to go back to, even when I forget what show I wanted to continue.

Journal prompt: I do like journal prompts and getting journal prompt books because they make me think about things that I might not have thought on my own . I am currently using one called “Spark; unleashing your creativity”. I wont lie, I have gone through a few of them that I disliked so make sure you glance at a few of the prompts in the bookstore if you can and make sure that it aligns with your beliefs and what you might be needing out of life.

Word of the day: This is something new that I am doing in 2021 because…well because its fun. Randomly one day, I was in the book store reference section looking for a book by Neil Gaiman about writing and fiction (If you haven’t read The View From The Cheap Seats I highly recommend it)and I came across a bunch of word a day books titled “Oddly Specific English Words” And “Gross English Words”. So much fun. Even if you have a great vocabulary this is such a fun exercise just to remember to use them in your writing and everyday life.

Free Writing: Obviously I keep a little space open for free writing. Random words, thoughts and poetry/prose always need space. I don’t really use this everyday and its not for any specific project. Its just to scribble in. We all need a little space in life to scribble in.

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