Bathroom Product Cuts

Products I have completely cut from my bathroom and eco friendly versions I used to replace them

When we start our journey into sustainability our first instinct is to start in the kitchen. It is a great place to start. food waste, water waste and of course all of the plastic and trash that is created. Taking away to go containers and the like is so important but living sustainably does not stop in the kitchen. Eliminating waste is lovely but so much waste happens in the bathroom. Not just physical waste but all of the chemicals that we are putting on our bodies and more importantly on some leave, down the drain and into our water ways, which eventually ends up back in our body.

Like so many things when it comes to a consumer culture, these items for the most part used to be ones that you could use for years over and over again. Some of these things that you are replacing with are actually things that your mother and grandmother actually used before we were taught to dispose of everything after a single shot. Because of this, while a product might seem to cost a bit more (Though not much honestly) it can lasts for months, sometimes even years. It also helps so many women save money in a lot of ways because you can avoid so much pink tax product like razor blades.

Razors to Safety Razors { X }

This was actually one of the first things that I switched in my bathroom. I c an not explain how much it has changed my life. I love my rose gold razor. It doesn’t break like the cheaper ones, has no plastic and the blades cost almost nothing compared to the amount of money that I used to spend on plastic wrapped, plastic razors. a pack of 50 only costed my 13 dollars and will at least last me a year if I changed the blade once a week- I typically change them every other because these stay sharper longer and hair doesn’t get caught in the grooves like it does in multi blade razors. I find that these do give me a closer shave. They are heavier which takes a minute to get used to. If you do want one that pivots, there are ones like Leaf out there that have pivoting heads, though I have never had a problem with curvy areas. This is yet another product that once you buy you will get to stop buying over and over again.

Body Wash/ Shaving cream to soap and soap saver bag { X , X , X }

What really is shaving cream besides something that clogs up your razor and shows you where you have missed? I do this with a natural bar soap and a soap saver which is basically a wash cloth that has been made into a bag that hangs. the soap saver bag foams it up nicely and can be used and washed over and over again. This can also take the place of bottled body wash of which the vast majority dry out your skin and just create more waste. It used to be, not long ago that we didn’t have 5 different kinds of soap in our shower. All of that is marketing. Ditch the marketing and find a good, natural and most of the time local soap company. Save your skin, your wallet, the water system and your local businesses. Plus They just smell and are better.

Lotion to natural body oil { X }

Okay I absolutely love body oil. I buy it, I make it, I do everything with it. It feels so great on your skin and helps to minimize pores. I honestly feels amazing after a shave. Most of these products are made much more naturally then lotions and come in glass bottles, which of course I reuse, instead of in plastic bottles.

Bottled shampoo/ conditioner to Shampoo/ Conditioner Bar { X , X , X }

These were some of my first switches and I have never gone back. Conditioner and shampoo bars used to be hard to find but know you can find them everywhere including places like Target but also obviously on line, companies like Lush and places like Whole Foods (I actually found one at Whole Foods for $5 and hell yes). Obviously this gets ride of the bottles but I also find that my hair is healthier and that they last way longer then typical Shampoo.

Bottled cleanser to cleanser bar- Moisturizer/ skin care to natural products { X }

Just like bottled shampoo its very easy to find a facial cleanser bar for your skin type now a days. I personally use one from a company called Earth Harbor where I buy most of my skin care products. Again these are women owned, natural, packaged in glass that can be repurposed and a just generally feel better on your skin. Good for the ocean, good for your skin.

Cotton Swabs to Ear Pick { X }

That little picture of the sea horse wrapped around the contain swab…it broke my heart and I didn’t think about it until recently. Obviously the second I saw it I went to research. I bought a set of stainless steal ear picks which are actually better for you because they are hallow and will not pack any wax back into your ear. This is yet another product that once you buy you will get to stop buying over and over again.

Cotton Rounds to reusable rounds { X }

Cotton rounds might seem less wasteful because sometimes you can buy them without plastic. But cotton is actually extremely hard to grow and takes up alot of water, land and low wage labor. My mantra is if I can throw it away, its not worth the cost. Instead I started using reusable cotton rounds. I thought I would have to get more packs but I actually have never used all of them at once. There are plenty to use one every day and toss it in with your laundry. This is yet another product that once you buy you will get to stop buying over and over again.

Make up remover to make up eraser { X }

I am the worst at taking off my makeup. Probably because I actually don’t wear much make up and didn’t start wearing it until later in life. Either way I’m just really bad at it. I find makeup remover either is too greasy or too corrosive. Its wasteful and something designed to physically strip paint of your face cant be good for you or good to send down the drain. Plus its a waste of your money like so many of these products. Instead I use a Make Up Eraser which is a soft cloth that can remove your makeup by it self or with just a bit of water. Like cotton rounds and soap savers, this can be tossed in your washer and be used over and over again.

Artificial Luffas to natural Luffa or washcloth { X }

Arg those bright pink things or multicoloured weird things that you buy….they are rough and iky and never actually feel clean. I didn’t even know a luffa was a plant until someone told me about a year and a half ago. They are pretty, they are naturally antibacterial and theylast a million times longer then those flimsy plastic things.

Antiperspirants to Deodorant cream in glass { X , X }

This is actually another product that I am starting to buy on subscription which will be sent to me without packaging in the future. Thats great but companies like Schmitt’s actually make deo in glass containers which you can send back to them for a discount (You can buy them at the Vitamin Shoppe). Its better for you and doesn’t clog your skin with aluminum (Check out my Post here for why you should switch away from Anti perspirant)

Sonicare to Bamboo toothbrushes { X }

I thought that I was being good with my sonicare because you just buy the heads but still plastic and still take forever to biodegrade. Instead I have switched to Bamboo toothbrushes. Bamboo is naturally antibacterial (I have bathmats made out of it to), grow so much quicker then wood or anything else and can be harvested without as much impact. I buy them in packs of 10 and keep one by my sink and one in the shower (I like to brush my teeth in the shower like a weirdo.

Tooth Paste to Tooth tabs { X }

I am actually not a big fan of toothpaste…I dont like it, I dont like the taste of mint and I dont like the way it makes my tongue feels. I have instead switched to these tooth tabs. Most companies that sell these will use subscriptions and will be sent to you without packaging or with compostable packaging. Its easy, transportable and honestly I just like it better.

Tampons to mensural cup { X }

I have not bought a tampon or a pad in 3 years. Think about that. Think about not having to run to the store in the middle of the night because you ran out. Think about only using half of the package because the sizes are wrong. Think about all of those applicators. Just think about how much money you spend! (Unless you live in Scotland because way to go Scotland!). I spent 29 dollars 3 years ago and have never bought a period product again. This is yet another product that once you buy you will get to stop buying over and over again.

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