Things to Know When You Start Running

(That no one is going to tell you because its not always pretty)

I love love love running. That’s no secret to anyone who knows me or my friend group. Running doesn’t always and hasn’t always been my friend though and there are certainly things that people wont always tell you. Most of us were thought to think of running as hard and fast, as punishment but done right and knowing what you are getting into and what to expect is a big part of learning to love it. Knowing that you aren’t the only one that has a hard time with something like full out speed running or breathing, is part of the beauty. Most people have a hard time and that’s something that we can bond over.

Feel free to leave things that you’ve learned about running in the comments. I love hearing other peoples war stories.

No one knows how to breath

This is the first thing that everyone always says to me when I talk about running, which is totally valid but the truth is that no one is good at breathing when they start running. Even after you’ve been running for a while that first mile and changing your breathing, Swimming and the like can help with this and training the body for it but dont think you can’t run because its hard to breath when you start. No one can.

Most people don’t run the full time

Most people dont run a full on marathon straight out. In fact when you are starting you shouldnt even an attempt to run a full mile full out. It will burn you out and you’ll never want to go back. A walk run method is actually the best way to run, most of all when you’re starting but in general. Pick some time. Say I’m going to run for 30 secs, then walk to 30 seconds. Then 45 seconds then walk for 30. Then one minute and walk for 30 seconds and on and on. This is actually a much better, sustainable and doable way to keep your body from getting too sore to go out the next day.

You don’t have to run fast

Once you start running and running a distance more then a mile, you will hear over and over again not to run fast. You dont have to push hard or run fast to run. a 10 minute mile is actually pretty freaking fast actually. Most of your running should actually not be fast. It should be slow…glacial even for some of us. Dont push hard. Just do it and dont be surprised at a jog or just how long it can take to do a mile. Most of all when you are starting. The truth is that most of your fellow runners dont care AT ALL about how fast or slow you are.

Take a rest day

Hell take more then one. I fun 4-6 days a week but during off season or when I know that I have hard work outs, I actually only run 4 days a week so that my body has the full time to recover. Sometimes people use their days off for cross training but I actually like to make sure that I have one day where I am doing absolutely nothing. Its a nice little thing to look forward too.

Do NOT starve yourself.

You need need need energy when you run. Really anything over an hour you should actually be eating something during your run (These are those gummies, gels and the like that you see people eating). I take a stick of turkey jerk or something for after a run too so that I get my proteins in (I actually hate eating after a long run but know I need to). Make sure that you aren’t doing your runs on a totally empty stomach, most of all if you are doing a hard or a long run. You wont make it and more importantly, you wont recover for the next day.

You WILL get warm

Okay so its still cold out and our instinct is to bundle up but you are going to warm up. Unless you are running in the far far north (Think Alaska, high elevation and northern Canada) you are actually probably going to remove those layers. Make sure you layer up instead of just a big sweater. Your core is going to stay room so the things that you really need to voer are your fingers, the top of your head and ears. These are the extremities that will actually get cold. Other then that you just have to start for like five minutes and you’ll be warm and sweaty before you know it.

Phantom Bruises

Do not be shocked when you have random bruises or cuts or just about anything else. I don’t know why this is. Maybe my run buddies and I are just not paying attention but you will find random bruises that you cant remember the source of. Black toe nails….as I write this I think my big toe is broken and for the life of me I can’t remember how. This is why you should take a rest day, because you can identify these then.

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