5 Foods that Trigger Inflammation

Note that I am not a medical professional but all of this is based on evidence based research which can be sited upon request. None of this is meant to be taken as dieting, medical or other advise. If you are having symptoms, please consult your doctor.

Inflammation is the bodes process of fighting off incoming material that its afraid could harm it like toxins, viruses or infections. When this happens your body releases chemicals, triggering the immune system and causing tissue to swell. Think about the last time you got a cut and how the skin around it swelled in the process of healing.

While this is the bodies natural response, there are foods that can trigger inflammation as well, most of them processed. Aside from allergies, these are the ones to limit (Within reason. Not a restriction) in your diet. With winter here and man y of us being more worried then ever about getting sick, inflammation and avoiding inflammatory foods can be the key in between working with our immune system or working against it.

Added Sugar: If you are diagnosed with autoimmune disease this is the first thing that you are going to be told to steer clear of. White table sugar and high fructose corn syrup are really the worst when it comes to inflations as well as being linked to obesity, fatty liver disease, cancer, brain and heart disease and insulin resistance. Note that these are in a lot of products that you think are “Healthy” like protein powders. even if they say sugar free, so many of them have some form of refined sweetener.

Refined Carbohydrates: Like sugar when I say this I want to emphasis the refined part. It seems that most things that are refined tend to spike inflammation. Carbs that have their fiber removed are basically just sugar and will have the same insulin spike that triggers inflammation as sugar.

Transfats: Transfats…we can up with these when we were convinced that regular fat was bad for us and just like humans tend to, we took something that was fine and made it horrible for us. The FDA has ban most of them but they6 can still sneak into things on your ingredients lists like butter and creamer with words that have “Hydrogenated” in them.

Booze: A glass of wine…my mother tells me, is good for the heart. But not white wine and not the whole bottle. Obviously most people know that over drinking isn’t good for the body. When it is broken down it can create harmful byproducts that can damage the liver and weaken your immune system so in the winter months when things are being passed from person to person in your household, you might want to lay off the NOG.

Processed meat: This one grosses me out. Just the phrase processed meat sounds pretty gross right? It has long been associated with diabetes, colon cancer, stomach cancer and heart disease but the real trouble (Aside from all of those) is from the Advanced Glycation End Products, which occur when meat is cooked at extremely high temperatures. They have been associated with Alzheimer’s and Diabetes. It might be worth considering this before going for the SPAM.

Note there are foods that fight inflamation like berries, broccoli, mushrooms, tumeric and all of the leafy greens you can find.

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