Winter survival essentials

While the holidays are over with changing weather patterns its hard to tell when winter is truly over. Just this week there was snow in Texas while it was closed to 60 in Pennsilviana. Ridiculous. But all and all there are some cold weather essentials.

I was never used to the cold. Even though I grew up in PA and Germany, from 16-31 I lived in Texas. Coming back to the great grey northeast was hard. Lovely when it snowed but hard when I realized that the heater in my house didn’t push much into my bedroom or when I started getting nose bleeds from the dry air.

Winter is a time when you really need to be both aware of your mental health and your physical health. Here are some of my favorite essentials for making the long grey of winter not only tolerable but enjoyable.

Bed Time:

I am going to start off with the most important essential to me and that is bed time! I have a hard time sleeping during the winter. it might be because of the light but it might also be because its not training season and I’m not putting my body through the same kind of exhaustion as I do during the late summer and fall. Getting ready for bed and sleeping well goes a long way and is something that we can all learn to do better.

Heated mattress pad: I know this seems like overkill and when my mom got me one of Christmas I really was worried about it but I don’t think I can live without it now! In the cool months it warms your sheets for you before you get in and in the icy months when left on it will leave you snug and cozy from all sides.

A Proper Comforter: Honestly I have always cheaped out on these because most of the time when it was warm I would just toss it off…and it was pretty much always arm before. But this year I invested in a proper comforter and I should have done it a long time ago. I have never slept sounder.

Cozy throw blankets: Yes, they will make you lazy but when you have time, who cares? Toss comfy, fuzzy throw blankets around your home so that when that chill strikes you can burrow under them with a good book.

Humidifier: Oh the air…why are you so dry? Think about putting a humidifier in as many rooms as you can to keep moisture in the air. Just make sure that you purchase the one for the right room size to be sure you get the full benefits.

Dimmer Light/lamp: I love these. Ever since I was young I have had old lamps in my room that came from some relatives. the bottom lights up on its own more dim then the top and it is relaxing before bed. Having one at y9our bedside and turning it low is especially important in the darkest time of the year because we are basically living in bright, artificial light all of the time. Having a dimmer is going to signal to your brain that it’s time to tone it down.

Head Space:

This is a time of year where everyone is worried about mental health. Seasonal Affect Disorder is a real thing along with all of the things just go along with it being dark, needing to be in doors and a decrease in physical activity. Here are some little things you can do for your mental health. For more on Seasonal affect disorder, check out this post.

Plants: Green green green. Green does great things for your mental health. When the rest of the plants of the world are sleeping make sure you have some greenery in your space to uplift your mood. They also help cleans the air, most of all ferns which are perfect in darker areas.

Oils/scents: The first step here is to make sure that you have high-quality oils. Other than that it’s just about finding what works for you, what calms you and makes you feel cozy. During this season I personally prefer clove and orange. They are comforting and invigorating at the same time and scream winter to my brain.

An Entertainment Stock: One of the things that I hear all the time is about how people are depressed during this season because it gets dark so early. Yes SAD is a thing but having something you enjoy in this time helps. This is when I stock up on books that I have been looking at all year. If you aren’t a books fan then its time to break out that show you have been meaning to watch for an hour.

Tea/Coffee Time

I don’t know about the rest of you but the second there is even briskness in the air I must have my warm drinks with me all the time. I do drink coffee and Golden Milk to help my immune system as well but my go-to is herbal tea. These are the little accessories that stop me from spending too much money at coffee shops, keep up with trying to be more sustainable and always have something warm and stylish in my hand.

Uncaffinated tea: During the morning hours I go for a nice earl grey but throughout the day I move to loose-leaf noncaffeinated tea to warm my soul up. Cutting the caffine out through the day is going to make your natural sleep patterns stay on point, which is hard when it is grey out. Consider throwing a little bourbon or brandy in there t night if you really want to sleep well!

Silicone Infuser: I also have invested in a little, cutie, reusable tea infuser so that I am still created less waste. There are different kinds and they are all so cute.

Frother: I am so spoiled. Working in coffee shops for so long I have always had a steamer at my disposal but at home that doesn’t make as much sense. Instead of paying full price for steamed oat milk in my tea I have switched to frothing and I love it! It’s so nice to make this at home and r4eally will change your morning coffee or tea experience and start you off in a happy place even if it’s still dark when you leave the house.

To Go Cup: I’m sure if you have been reading this you have seen all of my posts on living more sustainably and why you should be bringing BYO everything with you. But let’s talk about the winter cuteness factor of having this cutie with you all the time!

What are some of the things that you use to keep up beat and out of the SAD state during this time of year?

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