An Ode to Unsolicited Advice

Please not that this is a Journal entry *Aka a rant*

There is a theme I have been seeing lately across a great deal of platforms including Tumblr, Instagram, Facebook and just about everything else and that is people’s tendency to think that other people, even people they do not know, have never met and have never even spoken to, want their advice. 

I really hate to break it to people, but people do not want your opinion.  I know you have been taught that it is valuable.  I know that you think that you are somehow an expert on everything including how other people should think, post, write, behave ect.  But you are not.  Nothing rubs me the wrong way then a freaking college student telling me how to behave write or date.  Honey.  You ARE still a child.  We call this an educational hard on.  It’s that superiority you get when you feel like you’ve just read an eye-opening indie paper and then you realize when you graduate that everyone read that and you are not NEARLY the revolutionary you thought you were.

I really hate to burst a bubble and have to break it to people in firm words but people do not want your advice.  It’s not wanted.  Not only because they don’t know you.  Not only because you are not an expert on the topic.  But mostly because they did not ask for it.  Why am I posting a picture and someone is telling me how to lose weight?  Why am I posting a starter call and people are telling me “It’s not fair” (Boo-hoo) to ask people if they will respond?  Why?  Did I ask you for your opinion?  Not even a little.  I have been writing stories for 29 years (I am 34).  I have been living in this body for all 34 of them.  I don’t need some random stranger’s opinion on how to do it. 

Now.  If you are my doctor, that’s different. If you are my boss letting me know how to improve at my job, yes tell me please!  If you are my best friend or Steven King (Or otherwise someone I actually respect the value of) then I will consider your advice.  Most importantly I will ask for it.  But none of those people are going to be sending me anonymous comments on the internet.

If people want an opinion, they are going to go to someone they know and trust.  Someone that knows them and most likely will know their personality or what is going on in their lives.  They are not going to take advice from some anonymous stranger on the internet because, I’m sorry because this is totally going to offend you but the truth hurts, you are no one to them.  It doesn’t matter how special you, your mom or your partner thinks you are.  You are no one to them.  Get over it. 

So, I know it’s hard but hold back because you are just so full of gems that you think are going to change my life.  Don’t send the message.  Realize that you do not have to give your opinion all the time.  Hell, if you don’t know that person it might not be a good opinion because there is no way you can possibly have all the facts.  Just learn that you aren’t a fountain of divine facts that you need to give the world through the bowels of the internet. 

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