5 Things to Keep Sane as We Enter the Next Phase

I know you don’t want to hear it but just because summer is over doesn’t mean that this pandemic is going away. Actually with Flu season rolling in I think that we are going to have an even angstier autumn then we did summer. No one wants to hear it but there will be no vaccine by the end of the year and if there is there will be no way to distribute it with our disjointed system by the time the holidays roll around. Many big box stores have already gone so far as to cancel Black Friday…even capitalism falling down under the weight of our new inside world. Kids are going to be all in school by the time this is posted…and hopefully some colleges and universities will realize just how stupid it is to expect 18-20 year olds to act responsibly.

Audio Books

I have watched so much trash during this. Way more then I ever had before. I binged watched Selling sunset in one weekend (All three seasons) for goodness sake. There is nothing wrong with trash but it seems like that is the majority of what is being put out lately. Without advocating for being ridiculously productive, I do have a major obsession with listening to books that I have always wanted to read on Audiobook. Audible is my favorite thing in the world and I will normally pick out one novel (Or close to novel) and one non fiction book. Right now I’m in the middle of “Devil in the White City” and “The Sixth Extinction”. Of course reading itself is great but I am truly one of those people that think it really doesn’t matter how you get a book in as long as you get a book in if you know what I mean.

A Planner

I know that you’re probably sick of hearing it but a plan is so needed. Think about how you normally feel when Seasonal affect disorder kicks in. Now think about it without having to go to work…yeah its going to be hard to get out of bed w’hen the grey day doesn’t start until nine and the sun sets at four thirty. Having a plan is going to be needed unless we want the days to bleed into each other even more then they did before. Planning to me means more then just the bare minimum. Even if I don’t get it done that day, having “Read” or “Facial” in my planner reminds me if I didn’t do it at all that week to actually check it off and do it. My favorite planner of all time is the CGD London Planner which is great because it has a two page a day lay out: One for you to write in your schedule and then the other page with food prepping, exercise, water, expenses, shopping lists and self care. basically it is all the stuff that you would think about on a good day when you were on it 100%….except it reminds you when you aren’t! Which I’m not going to be in the gloomy days of winter when they are telling us all we are going to die again.


I know you dont want to hear this but yes…we need to keep moving even in the autumn and winter. This is such a pain in a normal year when we have to remember how to run in the cold and just what layering actually is. Its going to be harder this year. Depending on where you are gyms might be closed and even if they aren’t they are going to be under extreme restrictions. Finding a way to move is going to be critical to staying health but also just staying sane and not going stir crazy. Luckily for us, there are a tone of on line fitness classes. I use Ifit because I happen to be lucky enough to have access to a treadmill but I also love Alomoves. Even just going outside, even in the cold (Dressed right and with the proper face protection of course) is as good for the mind as it is for the body.

Planned on-line dates

I’m lucky in the sense that so many of my friends and I are connected across the distance of geography. We are used to chatting via messages but sometimes that mere chat might not be enough. Planning Zoom dates is a great way to meet without leaving. Sometimes it doesn’t even have to be full on zoom. Sometimes it can be as easy as saying “One, two…THREE” and pressing play on a movie at the same time and gabbing about it via chat with a bottle of wine. Keep yourself connected, even if you cant be there.

Subscription Box

This is not an advertisement and I am so not even remotely sponsored so it really doesn’t matter what you get. I get Causebox and the To Catch a Killer box for the activity. But its nice to have something…just a little something to be excited about and look forward to. Most of all when so many parties, family gatherings, races for runners and even random Pumpkin Spice Latte get togethers, are going to be canceled this year. Yes items are a poor subsitite but its not even really about the items. Its about waiting for them and then getting to see them on the doorstep. Even if you aren’t going to do a subscription box, make sure that you have something to look forward to.

What are some of the ways that you plan to use to stay sane during the next- most likely- upcoming phase of quarantine?

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