Tea Magic

Using Tea & a Tea Ritual to Heal Inside & Out

Fall is here and that means its Tea Time! Well for me its always tea time but when it comes to autumn, tea is an amazing luxury that is easy, meaningful and honestly…magical. Tea and herbals have been used forever by all kinds of people in all kinds of cultures. Its hard to deny and most people don’t even try to deny the power of tea. It evokes feelings of comfort and is affordable and easy. Unlike our running around in the morning for work, taking time to sit down and have a cup of tea, to sit down and stir clockwise to bring positive energy and counterclockwise to repel negative energy is a habit, an instinct that we actually dont think about. Its practical, part of . our lives and something that we dont always associate with magic. Sore throat? Head ache? Tea. Congested? Peppermint tea. Want to feel fall? Chai tea. Its a habit and one that is close to our culture and hearts.

Of course as a witch I do believe that there are certain innate powers that herbs have. Tea is so easy to use them and becomes the bridge where everyday, medicine, and magic meet.

Different kinds of tea help with different types of ailments from spiritual to practical. Below I have listed some of the most common and easy kinds of tea to find that help with the most basic of needs. No mixing or craziness. Just lean back and understand that this has been part of you and your great great great grandparents habits.

  • Green Tea: Energy, immunity and cleansing
  • Ginger: Nausa, tummy aches, menstral pain
  • Black Tea: Energy, repelling negative energy
  • Chai: calming, energy and digestion
  • Matcha: Mental clarity, Detox
  • Hibiscus: Blood pressure, love, harmony
  • Cinnamon: Cold relief, metabolism, anti inflammatory
  • White: cleansing, protection, anti oxidant
  • Peppermint: Decongestant, clarity, stomach aches

Tea rituals are some of the most calming experiences I have in my daily life. I love having a cup of tea when its cold and even in the summer, I love a cup of tea with a splash of bourbon before bed. The rituals around your tea can play an important part in its effects. I make sure that when I an in need of the comfort of tea, that I have time. I don’t want to rush. I love to use a kettle and loose leaf tea, making sure to know how long it needs to seep and to make my tea with intention.

Creating rituals, taking time and really relishing are important when it comes to the effects of your health, mentality and your spirituality. As we move into the cool season, dedicate a time to your tea. Make it intentionally, thinking about what your mind, body and soul needs right now and really tuning in, sit down in some fluffy comfy socks and relax, using the time to journal, read or relax your brain. While the medicinal effects of tea are obvious, sometimes the act of t he ritual surrounding it can be just as potent as the medical effects themselves. Here are some of the things I do in my tea ritual that can help with its already innate effects.

  • Sit in sun light
  • Belly Breathing
  • Reading
  • Rock your planner
  • Journaling
  • Meditation
  • Just be

Sometimes we need time to simply be and tea time is the perfect time to do that. When we set aside everything else for 30 minutes, it gives us that time to really be in our own bodies. As a writer and creative who’s day job requires I be structured and analytical, this is truely time I need to let my brain come down and out of its head space and get re-centered back into the dirt and ground that lets that primal creativity flow. So much we separate the mind and body from each other but when practicing my tea ritual, I do take that time to notice the connection and bridge this divide which we as humans have always somehow created.

Taking the first sip, really lean into noticing your tea, the smell, the texture, the warmth on your nose and how it trickles up into your brain. Big breaths help bring all of that goodness into your body, most of all with teas like peppermint and cinnamon.

Once you are settled into your moment and into your tea, you have reached the time to take part in your activity…or inactivity. Really, the most important thing about any ritual is making it yours. Knowing that it’s your time to heal yourself and be in touch with all of the things that you need to work on. This can mean sometimes not doing anything at all…something that we are no longer very good at all at doing. Sometimes for me it means creative writing, prompts, or even setting up my planner for the upcoming month. This might seem counter productive to some but to me, its comforting and a welcome change from being on my phone or in my email. I would suggest this be a wireless time for you though, if only because you do not want your brain to be directed in any influenced direction. The key is to focus on you will less outside influence then you normally would have grating on your mind.

What are some of your favorite teas or things to do during tea time?

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