Why This Election Matters

I have always been a firm believer that politics should be the secondary part of your life and that you should not let election season ruin your relationship. Of course everyone thinks that their election is different, that their issue of choice or necessity is different. But this time, this year, this cycle the election is different. I’ve never been the type to bombard people, always considering myself moderate and a live and let live kind of democrat, but this time I do want to tell you why I think it is not only important to talk about it to basically anyone who will listen, but to explain why and why voting in this election is far more important then any other election I have faced in my life time, why it is on par with civil rights times elections and other highly country changing, world changing election cycles.

I am going to be blunt. I am anti Trump. I know that I am going to be speaking to a specific audience when I talk about these issues just like I know that some people will reel against what I am going to say. But this is not an anti republican rant. I did not have the same reaction to Bush that I do to trump. I have always been the type that believes that regardless of if we agree or not, everyone for the most part is doing something or taking a path because they believe that they are doing the right thing. In this case, I don’t think that that’s the case. I think that this is a matter of power and getting away with illegal behavior for personal benefit.

But what I “Feel” doesn’t matter. What you “Feel” does matter. What matters are the facts and the fact is that there has never been a more dangerous time to have an administration that lies, that disregards human rights, that does not understand economics, and that doesn’t believe in science, running a country and does have so much influence over the world, if by nothing but sheer numbers. This statement is not insulting or attacking the republican party (Trust me I can do that too for them letting people get away with this), these are facts and are not “Taking jabs” that everyone is sick of in politics. When faced with injustice, disregard for human life, and disregard for the law, you can’t just smile and play nice. Trump ran on his “Tell it like it is” platform that so many people were sick of in politics. This is telling it like it is this four years later.

Science matters: The administratiton clearly does not beleive in science. You can see this in multiple issues but the easiest one to point out right now is the Pandemic. We knew this was going to be bad. If people thought that they were going to be able to open in a month, they clearly have never paid any sort of attention to epidemiology over the course of human exsistance.

Life over the Economy: The economy does not matter more then human life and that is what we have come down to. Instead of like every other 1st world country in the world, this administration decided not to take control, to ignore science and to put the economy above the lives of 150,000 Americans of all ages. All because we decided that we couldn’t shut down for a month. Many businesses and companies did the right thing here and stepped up but we need a administration that understands that human life is the priority and that we can’t possibility rely on private industry to make decisions for the community at large. That is not their job and should not be their job.

Climate change: Nothing makes me more angry then the complete disregard for climate change…as if we can still somehow deny it or as if it is even an option for American to Opt of of it or the Paris accord. We know that climate change will effect us. The US has an important impact on climate change as a consumer based country but also because countries see us opting out and think that they can too. We need to be a leader in this and not deny and shy away. We create so much waste and we need to stop acting like this is something that we can push off or something that somehow only new technologies will help.

Disregard for the Law: It is no secret that this president has broken the law. Multiple of his friends have been put in jail for in and for fraud. He says he beat it which is just a lie that has been put out over and over again. We need a president who actually gives a shit about the constitution. Not someone who repeatedly has said that he deserves another term in office after a second. He does not give a damn about the constitution, the law and would rather be president for life, outwardly idolizing people like Putin and other authoritarian presidents. He has clearly shown that he has no problem sending unmarked fedrel agents into cities he considers “Libreal” and disregarding sovereignty where it suits him. If you consider yourself a patriot this is the hill that you should be dying on.

Free press: My personal hill to die on. It is not a new thing that the president and the press does get along but while others might not have gotten along with it, they at least seamed to understand that without the press, there is no democracy. Kicking people out of conferences, banning certain reporters and talking over press instead of answering even the most basic questions is the minimum of damage that he has done. The maximum is enabling rich friends to buy and bleed papers dry, give credit to unaccredited news sources and demonize people that give their lives to serve. Then there is the fact that we have already forgotten that our government did not give a damn about an American journalist being murdered at a forgien embarssy. American Journalists over seas deserve to be backed up by their government, not hung out to dry because they do their job. Journalism is not lucrative. It is done because you believe that knowledge is a fundamental right and the key to a just and informed electorate.

The .00001 Percent: Our country is not just about the richest of us. Its there to serve the majority of the people. We can not be honest if we think that this administration is serving the majority of people. We can be bratty and say that it never really did or we can fight for the ideal that we want it to be. But doing nothing is just as bad as letting them continue to oppurate in this blanently self serving way.

Human rights violations: This is a huge thing. And one that is very very visiable regardless of if our eyes are open or shut. Children in cages is kind of hard to ignore from either side of the aisle. But lets remember that is an administration that is all about economy…and only the economy. So we all know about china “Stealing jobs” but have chosen to ignore the human rights violations- concentration camps- reeducation camps- death camps that the government has put hundreds of thousands in. That doesn’t even get into North Korea and Saudi Arabia. We do not get to sit back as our president tells us that humans don’t matter.

Race and Sex: Our country is not perfect. But we have never excepted it not being perfect. Even if we go a shitty job in the past there is no way that we sat on our asses and let injustice win. Out brothers and sisters, our great grandparents and even our grandparents fought tooth and nail so that we could vote, so that women could own property, so that we could eat at the same tables. No the system isn’t perfect…yet. And it never will be but we can still trudge forward and not let our rights be taken away from us with racist and sexist laws.

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