Pandemic Waste

Do you remember at the beginning of the pandemic?  You know when you still wore clothes and thought that putting on makeup in the morning was going to somehow make you productive?  Optimistic little fucker you.  Well at that time, there were a great deal of articles and photos floating around with pictures of nature “Healing” itself.  Some of them were fake but some of them were unbelievably real, pollution dissipating, animals coming out to see what was going on…all wonderful things.  How quickly we forgot about that didn’t we?  Not only did we forget, but we have become even more dependent of plastic and disposable goods then we were before. But how much safer are we really keeping ourselves with these things if we are throwing contaminated gloves and masks on the ground?

One thing is certain, this is not over. With the virus coming back in places that have had it under control for months, we can no longer pretend that this will go away before flu season. No this is going to last all winter and with allergy season, flu season and a million other ailments that look disturbingly like covid. But in this time we must remember that we are not only dealing with a Pandemic, we are dealing with the problems of the world, including climate change which is rapidly cerening down a path to no where. That death march…no death sprint isn’t going to stop because we wont wear a fucking mask or not travel for a single summer.

Plastics and disposables are at a higher usage then ever before and while some of them are necessary, we must be sure that if we can referain from using disposables and cut down on our waste, we should.

Here are some steps to take during this time and the undeniable resurgence of this Pandemic that we are going to have.

Use Reuseable Face Masks When You Can

Unless you are working in the medical field or in a high contact job, you can probably get away with a reusable face masks. There are cute ones everywhere that you can match with your clothes and have with you. I bought a three pack and have one in my office, one in my car, and one in my bag. Easy and far more comfortable then the cheap ones.

Dispose of Your PPE Properly

Just because we are in a pandemic doesn’t give people the right to litter. Have you walked through a parking lot lately. They are full of gloves, masks and all other forms of litter that aren’t only disastrous to the environment but that can be contaminated with the very thing that we are wearing them to protect ourselves from.

Cut the Take Out

This is a hard one because we are bored and some people, not me because I’m a a freak when it comes to this, don’t want to cook all the time. Plus we are thinking if we can’t eat out this is the next best thing. But waist that is created by take out really is pretty extreme. Make sure that you tell them you dont want single use forks or spoons; same with individually packaged condiments. But this isn’t always paid attention to and its better for you, your digestion and the environment if you try to limit your take out.

Be Careful How Much You Order

Its no secret that ordering on line has gotten even more popular then it was during the pandemic. It was already really popular but now with people not wanting to go to the grocery store and alot of brick stores actually being physically closed, ordering on line is sometimes the only thing that we can do. But ordering on line leaves a huge footprint from everything from packaging to the gas used to drive trucks around. Some of the big retailers are trying to use more enviromentally friendly methods but they wont be put into effect until after this is probably over. The only way to ensure less waste from this is to be careful what and how much we order from. Plus it will be far better on our wallets.

Try to Use the Re-useables

This is a tough one. Many stores and places will no longer let you use reusable cups or bags for obvious and completely justifiable reasons. But this isn’t going away any time soon and nature and climate change doesn’t care that we are in a pandemic. When you are at the grocery store, normally you can use your reusable bag when you are in the self check out line. If you can’t opt for paper. When you do order take out, make sure you make it clear that you do not want utensils or single packet condiments.

So many of these things have to do with not using consumerism as a comfort during this time. Its hard because that is how we have been taught to seek comfort. We are even now told to go out and spend money so that we can help the economy for our society, even if it is dangerous to our own health. Remember that these things are not going to help you or comfort you in the long run and nature doesn’t care about our economy at this time.

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