8 Ways to Unplug

The past few months have been a strange time for all of us. It has been crazy but at the time we have been lucky where we live in a world where social distancing really just means physical distancing. Technology has given us the ability to keep in contact with the ones that we love in a way that we couldn’t doing the last pandemic. Some of us have have even been able to work from home if we are lucky.

However, this has also renewed our addiction to being plugged in. Things don’t look like they are winding down soon and we are probably historically and scientifically in for another two waves…some of it which might be in the dead of winter when its cold and we all might be stuck inside. We must prepare ourselves for that and find ways to coop and live in balance with our technology again. Below are some ways I have thought about to help with staying conscious of our technological use.

Start the day with yourself

A while back there was a major trend in the wellness world and that was to look at your morning routine and how to adapt it to having a productive day. Its time to return to that trend, most of all since our lives have changed so much in the past few months. Starting the day without jumping right on line or onto your phone is a huge way to really get in touch with yourself. Any of the activities below is a good idea to weave into your routine.

Get off social media

I would say being intentional with your social media is one thing but sometimes even thought we want to be intentional its hard to know what that is anymore. Mindless scrolling is high on the rise. If you can get off social media for the most part, that helps more then you would believe. Going through social media, reading everyone’s posts, ect might seem like a great way to keep in touch with people but in the end it is not the same as talking to them. We have come to think that social media is the same as actual interaction and it’s not. Don’t scroll and comment on everything. Actually video chat them or talk.

Music over TV

my family is most certainly the type that always has the tv running in the background, even if they aren’t watching it. Trading the tv for music is a good way to start when it comes to not always having background noise dulling at your senses. Having the tv on is something that we do not think of as a bad thing but learning how to live with silence is a habit that I find we need to take more time focusing on. This distraction keeps our mind from dealing with the things that it needs too. It can be hard though, this learning how to deal with our own thoughts and minds. Starting with light music is a good way to ease yourself into mindful silence.

Mediate/ pray/ ect.

No matter what you call it, connecting with your own mind is a gift and being comfortable with your own throughts is a life long endeavor that penetrates even the most cynical mind. I used to think I was bad at mediating. What I was bad at was letting thoughts, thoughts that made my anxious, sick and tired all the time, go. When I started learning how to actually mediate the world opened up and I realized that my trying to control my thoughts instead of releasing them was what was really weighing me down.

Ditch the news

Okay. It is So important to stay up to date on whats going on in the world. It is something that I have included in many articles and something that I consider a moral and social obligation. You have to know what is going on in the world around you to be a contributing member of society. But when is enough enough? with political ads starting to ramp up and everything going on, be sure you aren’t emotionally burning yourself out. You don’t need to hear every horror story and you don’t need to watch hate every second of every day. Catch up once a day. Not ten time.

Read a book

You know what is super underrated? Fantasy. I know; you’re wagging your eyebrows right now. But I’m not talking about that kind of fantasy. At least not right now. What I’m talking about is really escape our world and making your own. There is a huge difference in between movies/ TV and books. TV is telling you. They are going you a place, an image, even a person that they are basing everything on. But a book makes your mind work. It makes you fill in the gaps of how a person looks, of the colors on the horizon…on really everything. It is a frame instead of a picture and that can actually do the same thing for an adult as free play/ unstructured play can do for a child. Think about what it was like when you read a book before they made the movies. You had to imagine the character, not the actor. Make your mind work a little bit while escaping the world…in the best way possible.


I always want to tell people to journal and it comes up in so many of the articles on health and wellness. But right now it is more important then ever. Regardless of if you are thinking about it consciously right now, blocking it out or not, or are extremely conscious of the amount of stress you are under, the world is a changing place right now and that can bring up a lot of different emotions.. Dealing with them is a key to moving forward in a healthy way and keeping a hold of ourselves. Our emotions need to be acknowledged and that can be over whelming. Journaling and getting them physically out onto paper or onto a computer is a good way to sort through them.

Take a walk

Everything might be closed…but the outdoors is not for the most part. Taking your dog or kids for a walk or even walking outside is a great way to kill time in a way that helps keep you in shape, and provides for your soul. This can be outside in your neighborhood, in a park or out in nature if you can. Get out into the world, even if its six feet apart from other people, it is still a comfort on the soul to be out in the world.

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