Egg Salmon Minis with Rosemary & Feta

Breakfast is my favorate thing, as anyone who knows me will tell you. Many of the recipes that I post are not breakfast because honestly, I love going out on breakfast dates over dinner dates any day. There is just something so relaxed and calm about it. I love that its all older people and [...]

The Kitchen Rules

Things you should know from a cook about cooking but might not. It's really easy to watch cooking shows and really think that the world of cooking is glamourous. And in some respects that is true. But there are things about cooking and the kitchen that you learn from experience. As much as you do [...]

Easy Beans

Easy Beans

The easiest black beans are often the yummiest.  I love a good black bean dish as a side with burgers or tacos, as a filling for tamales or as a whole, stand alone dish.  Living in San Antonio for so long I loved beans,  There was just something about them that was so warm and [...]