4 Things to Do to Support Good Energy

There are a million things out there now to help up your energy. Products are advertised, supplements are dissected and caffeine is main lined into our veins and minds via commercials and messaging in TV and media. But the truth is that no matter how many cups of $100 an ounce green tea or anything else that you are thinking is going to jolt your system, remember that these things are just jolts.

Cut out the hype. The things that are really going to make a difference to your energy levels are not that complicated. Like becoming generally healthy, it is shockingly easy. Basics are what make the difference. Putting a band-aid over your lack of energy isn’t going to really get you where you need to go. Sadly though, this means that the solutions are that the things that you need to do, habits that need to be changed and can realistically not be substituted for a quick fix.

Have a Good Real Breakfast

Forget the intermittent fasting for a second. Forget the shake that you want to jump your metabolism but have no calories. Breaking your fast is the thing that’s going to set the tone for the rest of the day yes. But it is also refueling your body after 8-10 hours of not eating. If you feel sluggish in the morning, listen to your body and eat real whole foods that are going to provide sustained energy. If you wait until lunch, it might already be too late when it comes to the energy that you need. As someone who runs in the morning, I tried to run on an empty stomach. I tried to just have a shake…but it wasn’t working out. Make sure that you fuel for your day instead of trying to follow “Food rules” that will leave you lacking energy.

Not only do you need this from a nutritional reasons but also for mental health reasons. I most certainly used to be a breakfast on the run person but after working from home during the pandemic, I found that I actually liked cooking and sitting down to a nice meal for breakfast. It gave me time to ease into my day and set myself up mentally instead of just pounding back a smoothie and a 24 ounce cup of coffee at my desk. This ease left me feeling awake and refreshed instead of flustered.

Ease into your work outs

Certainly this applies to morning workouts but also all work outs in general. It gives your heart rate time to build instead of just going from zero to sixty without giving your body time to adapt. Easing into a run is most liekly something formillair to distance runners but something that can be applied to every work out. It warms up your muscles in a way that is going to help you last for longer instead of just burning the rubber in the very beginning.

I find this very enjoyable too. In the mornings, even before I go for a run, I like to take my dog for a brisk one mile walk. Again thank you Covid-19 for giving me a chance to explore this treat in my day. It primes me to work and gives me time to get in the right head space. It raises my heart rate but not too much, making me feel like I can keep going after. Even if I’m not doing a work out later it is refreshing to have that movement before I have to sit down to work…or even deal with other people for that matter.

Think About Your Immune System

Your immune system plays a bigger role in your energy then you think. Or maybe you do think about it. When we are sick or worn out we crave sleep and rest. Our energy is down to nothing. I learned along time ago (When I did not have health insurance) that often rest is the best medicine. You need to recover or you are not going to ever get that energy back up. Having good immunity and good gut health is an absolute must. Boosting your immune system is all about sleep, nutrition and hydration.

Don’t Forget Your Basics

I’m sure all of these things sound like the basics but they really do make a huge difference. Things like sleep and good nutrition are things that we have been socialized to think that we can substitute. But that’s not the way that the body or the mind works. Eating right cant be put into a pill or a bottle and caffeine certainly isn’t going to provide you with the same amount of energy or awareness that a good nights sleep over a period of time will. When trying to build up energy, don’t forget your basics.

Lay off the fads. It isn’t going to keep you satisfied in the long run and will often do more harm then good. Don’t try and beat the system and focus on getting back to basics.

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