Signs Your Nutrition Plan Is Working

That Have Nothing To Do With Weight Loose

Yes most of the time people start nutrition plans to acheive some form of weight loose. But there are a million other reasons to start a nutrition plan. So many of them have to do with health and really helping with your physical and even mental health. The good news is that unlike weight lose, so many of these things can be seen faster. This is why people always get excited when they start a plan. Your system knows what to do and can change in some amazing ways in as little as a week.

In truth weight is just a happy biproduct of a good nutrition plan. You might not be able to reach your weight “Goals” because that is just not what your body type is. But you can be healthy and nourish your body with proper nutrition that will actually make you healthy instead of just skinny.

You are more than a number and your nutrition results should be too.

Clearer Skin

Your skin is an organ, just like every other organ in your body it requires vitamins, minerals and hydration to remain healthy. Eating more fruits and veggies is going to aid that along with reducing free radicals. If you are worried about aging and sun damage, proper nutrition is going to help with that as well. When I gave up dairy my skin cleared up almost instantly. It’s also going to aid in healthy hair and nail growth.

Better Sleep

Cortiosol levels are directly linked to our food and our sleep. Sleep is so important and can effect us just as much as what we eat. Eating low glycogen foods closer to the time you go to sleep can even out cortisol levels and help establish healthy and consistent REM levels. In other words, better foods, better sleep. Better sleep, better energy. Better energy, better health, better work outs, better daily life.

Sustained Energy

We all hear about the more energy results of losing weight but what really matters is sustained energy throughout the day, fewer times where your mood is effected by your food (Hangry moments), and wanting to sleep at night and wake up in the morning. Bursts of energy is something that an entire market has been built on but sustained energy is something that can only be achieved by proper nutrition and proper sleep. I personally love my coffee in the morning or a matcha tea, but this should not be a must to wake up or to keep you going throughout the day.

Waking Up a Little Bit Hungry

There is a reason why its called “Breakfast” aka “breaking your fast”. It means that you should have digested through the night and be hungry when you wake up. Not starving but ready for a bit of breakfast. If you haven’t become addicted to breakfast yet (I LOVE breakfast) it is certainly something to think about. Starting off with a healthy breakfast is going to set your tone for the day and is far better for you then eating a big dinner before bed (Ruining your better sleep).

Bowel Movements

Now don’t get grossed out. If you haven’t been involved in this conversation before…you are going to be now. Bowel movements are something I really learned about when I started running because when you are racing you do need to plan (and even when you do you poop in the woods a few times). Healthy and regular bowel movements are important. Eating healthy and whole foods are going to cause more consistent bowel movements. Yes talking about it freaks some people out but you should get used to talking about it because it is a major predictor of digestive health, which dictates all other health.

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