Environmentalist Summer

I am all about the summer. I love the beach, I love when my skin feels tingly from the sun. I love the freedom of it. Its the fact that summer is the time of freedom, free sex, wildness and general fun. Even as an adult, far out of school and far away from the blissful summer vacations that characterized youth culture in the time when I was a kid, it still holds the whimsical mysticism of liberty and freedom. Summers were always a big thing for me. My grandparents have a house on the beach, cousins live there and they own restaurants. Its about an hour and a half from where I grew up so it was an easy, cheap vacation for us where my parents had built in baby sitters and I had a group of family that was close to my age to play with. It made for an obsession with summer, a drive to lay on the beach, a feeling that if I am not tanned I look like a “Dead Italian”. Its beautiful and more then that its 100% obtainable.

That being said, there are things that you need to protect your skin, the environment and your health over the course of the summer. We all know about the basic things but when it comes down to it, making the perfect summer is about making it for everyone and for the environment. Its not just about fashion. Its about wanting the outdoors and that beautiful feeling of sandy beaches, or forest hikes, of time outdoors to be around for our future and the future of others.

What are some of the things that you guys think are amazing for an environmentally friendly summer?

One Piece swimsuit: I love a good swimsuit and while I am no longer 18 with zero percent body fat, I will do anything for a good swim suit. I love having stylish one pieces because I don’t have to worry so much about my boobs falling out (For Big Boobed Girls….you know what I’m talking about). These days we are warming up to the idea that one pieces aren’t just for the old ladies. You can find some amazing ones too! I love Seven Seas Swimwear not only because they are cute but because they are environmentally friendly (Recycled plastic bottles) and are butter soft. Not only that but its a small privately owned company so supporting small business is always at the top of my list. Their owner is amazing. Finding them was a total fluke. I was wandering around on the beach when I was on the way to Mexico and stayed over night in Miami. I happened to stop by their booth and tried on a one piece. I’m in love even a year later. I have bought a bikini from them as well and the high rise fits like a dream!

Environmentally Friendly Towel: Laying by the pool I noticed that the towel that I was on was faded and paid attention….it was a towel that I have had when I was 16. I know that technology has evolved in the past 20 years but I didn’t even think that towels had changed. Well they have. I recently bought the Nomadix towel which is again made of recycled plastic bottles. It is slip free, quick drying and wont hang onto pet hair or sand. They are beautiful, smooth and wont get that weird scratchy feeling.

Reef Friendly Sunscreen: I can not even emphasize how important it is and not for all the reason why you think it is. Everyone knows now to use sun screen. We’ve all heard about the cancers and everything else. What I am concerned about is the reef safe part. All of those chemicals aren’t just going to wash off in the ocean which is bad enough but also down your drain when you shower. These chemicals are destroying to ocean and the reefs. Make sure of one thing you are focusing on this summer its that your sun screen is reef safe. For more information please please please check out Surfrider Foundations page on a guide to safe sunscreens. These are pretty easy to find now including Sun Bum and Maui Babe.

Maui Babe Tanning Lotion/ Hydrating mist/ After Sun: I love love love Maui Babe. Their sun screen, hydrating mist and lotion is amazing but so is their tanning lotion. It is creamy, and moisturizing with all natural ingredients. Not to mention that you can also buy them in value-packs which for someone like me or someone with a large family is totally the way to go. I also love all of their after sun products which is something that I would never go without. You need to think about your skin after the sun just as much as in it, most of all if you are out there in the heat and sun doing sports.

Wide brimmed hat: One of the best things that I have started wearing during the summer is a wide brimmed hat. There are a reason why sailors and cowboys wear hats. Yes I put sun screen and zinc on my face but my scalp is somewhere thats a bit harder. Wide brimmed hats are stylish, sexy and honestly refreshing. Any wide brimmed hat that you can find or what appeals to you will do.

Reliable insulated water bottle/ cooler: Water water water. Water in the pool, water in the ocean and water in your body. I can never understate the importance of water for your system, for your skin and for your health. It’s hotter. You lose more water through sweat and activity. Having a good water bottle is the best way to go. I have been using a Hydro Flask for years and years and it has never let me down. This should be something that is on you all the time during the summer. I also keep a cooler in the back of my car for any spontaneous grocery trips or road trips.

Safety razor: Oh razors and shaving. The good thing about winter is that you don’t have to think about it as much. But come shorts season there is no avoiding it. I have been using a safety razor for about a year now and it has saved me so much money and brought down my trash in the bathroom so much more then those icky plastic razors. The safe is closer and I have far less razor burn than I used to. Not to mention that you can buy a 100 pack of razors for 13 dollars. I don’t use lotion after I shower. It doesn’t seem to work for me and it can make my pours and hair follicles look even larger. What I do love is a nice smelling body oil. I love the products made by Violet & Poppy and use it all year round.

Summer is fun. Summer is beautiful and great but remember that you can be stylish and if you want summers to remain the same, environmentalism is a must!

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