5 Things to be Intensional With

Energy zappers. Regardless of how much work you do on yourself there are always things that will be there zapping your energy. We try hard to be intensional and while the wellness community has noble intensions for the most part, it can often overwhelm us and be an energy zapper in itself. We are constantly bombarded: Work hard, have a side hustle, if you aren’t moving you die…but you still need to meditate. If you dont take pictures of yourself then you dont love your body…but dont love your body too much. Be with your friends but also do tons of face masks and self care when you get home from an $100 dinner at 1 am before work.

You get the idea.

Its a lot.

And it’s unachievable.

The mental clutter itself of trying to do all of this is a stress in itself. But there are 5 things to be intensional with that can help you clear out the mental clutter and figure out just what zaps your energy. Being intensional with these five things first and not trying to do too much will help with creativity and motivation. They are easy to control and get a handle on once we realize how important they are and that they are indeed in our control.

Digital Media

Mind you that when I talk about this I’m not just talking about social media. We all know that and have heard the research on it. It is impossible to do the hour of screen time limit that we used to have in place in my house when we were kids. But limiting your screen time and digital media time including TV, and news actually help us with content fatigue. Remember that when you watch something that is structured in this way, lit actually changes the way that your mind works. Unstructured play and time including reading makes your mind form its own thoughts and triggers your imagination. When you have unstructured time you are responsible for imagining in a way that structured media will not force you to do.

As mentioned before, it also helps with content fatigue. Everything that you consume can only take up so much space and you can only hear it so many times before you are just…sick of it.

Your Spending

Obviously money matters. If it didn’t our lives would be very different but that is just not the way that life works. The obvious here is to make sure that you know what you are spending. Subscriptions like Hulu, netflix and all of those can add up very fast. Really think about what you want to be spending it on. Do you want to be spending 70 dollars a month on tv or do you want to put that away for your dream vaca at the end of the year.

The other part of this is to be aware that advertising is a big part of our lives. In spite of what instagram tells us and which wellness bloggers we watch, it isn’t actually realistic to spend the kind of money that it appears people do on products. There are so many times that I click on something cute on instagram or face book only to realize that that robe costs $300! Be aware of this kind of spending and that it will drain you financially and make you feel like you aren’t “Keeping up” with everyone else. Dont judge your products based on influencers and people who actually get alot of these things for free or at discounts.

You are not behind.

Your Relationships

People feed off each other. We all know that on a level but it is hard for us to really take it to heart. You can either grow from the people in your life or not (Sometimes either the opisate). Spend the majority of your time with people who elevate you, not make you stagnant. Your friends should drive you have help you achieve your goals, moving to better each other.

People do outgrow each other and that is perfectly fine and natural. This doesn’t meant that you need to “Cut them out”. Most of the time nor does it mean that either of you are bad for each other. It just means that you have different goals.

How You Speak to Yourself

You are the person that you are going to spend the rest of your life with. People are great and friends and family as there but there is one person you will spend every moment of your life with, and thats yourself. Make sure you are aware of that and that you are talking to yourself in appropriate ways.

We all have fear, doubt and negative thoughts. These are natural, normal and a majority of the time they are evolutionary there to protect you. We often think of these thoughts and feelings as things that are negative and have to be squashed down. Most of with anxiety know that that seldom works through. Instead learn how to accept these feelings, thank them for showing up to protect or warn you and learn to move through them just like you would every other emotion.

Your Energy

All of these things can zap your energy along with many other external factors. But be big enough to understand that you are also one of the ones that zaps your own energy by worrying about things that you can’t control, trying to fit into a mold, trying to impress people that you know you will never impress and letting the anxiety that comes from merely living a normal life overtake energy and time that could be spent making your own life better.

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