10 Things Every Grown Ass Woman Should Have in Their Home

Okay yes, this should really go for men too but when it comes down to it there are certain things that you might have kept in your 20’s that need an upgrade in your 30’s. Those Big Lots cups and plastic wine glasses aren’t exactly going to fly forever. It would be nice if they did but at the same time, don’t you want to be more comfortable in the fact that you are capable of spending more than 5 dollars on a set of wine glasses?

This is your sign: It is time.

Luckily there are a few things over the years that I have come to realize are must haves for the adult women to have in her home to not look or feel so…well young. Some of them are investments (Like a good pillow or proper serving ware). But many of them are just common sense (having a tool kit!). Let me know if there are things that you have found that are must haves!

Living Plants

By this time, you should be able to keep something…anything alive. Even if it’s just an aloe plant. Having plants in your home brings the outside in provides cathartic feelings, clean the air and it just looks clean and well lived in. Do your research and know what plants thrive in doors and in the right light that you have. There are so many resources out there and so many ways to become a plant lady.

Good Bedding/ Supportive pillow

It’s time to throw out all of that cheap college crap and upgrade your bedding. We spend so much of our time in our beds and we all know the difference that getting a good sleep can make in our lives, this is double if you are training, running or sore. If you are like me you have been hearing pops when you get up. My neck isn’t wonderful so having a good memory foam pillow is so important. Invest in two sets of good quality bedding so that you can rotate it when you wash. Getting old sucks but one thing that helps is better sleep and better sleep does require better bedding.

Serving ware

Make sure that you have proper serve ware, most of all when you like having people over and entertaining. I love cooking so having proper serving ware, dishes and wine glasses is an absolute must in very single way. Be consistant. Pick a color and shape and stick with it. It is the true sign of a grown up in my eyes and changes everything when it comes to enjoying company and your own cooking.

A Tool Kit

Something in your home or apartment is going to break at some point. Even if you do not know everything about home repairs (I myself am not that handy but I know how to level my own pictures) or if you living in an apartment with a maintain man, you should still have a tool kit in your home. Something is going to need your attention and you should have basic tools on hand for other people to help you with along with yourself. I know it seems like a total chore but you really should also get the basic knowledge of how to fix the very basics. Things like plunging your own toilet, shutting off your water or knowing how to use your fuse box.

High Speed Blender

I love love love my Vitamix. It is almost 9 years old now and absolutely still works at 100%. Yes it was expensive but it lasts me forever, makes great smoothies and margaritas, I even blend soups in it. It makes eating something healthy fast and it makes entertaining even better because there is nothing more embarrassing than chunks of ice or veggies in something you make for something else.

Grown Up Art

It’s time to get ride of the posters. Anything that is on your walls should be on a canvas or in a proper frame. Don’t get me wrong, I have some prints that are fan girly. One of my favorites it’s a classic Walking Dead cover signed by the illustrator. I also have signed photographs of characters from the Boondock Saints cast that I got signed. But they are all in proper wooden frames (Not plastic Walmart ones). What constitutes this is quality, how they represent you and how they are presented. Make sure the things you have reflect you or what you want to portray. You are no longer in a dorm or in your parents house where you had to pin photographs to a bulletin board.


Not only do these make your space smell great but they also help cleanse the air and will help you sleep better by infusing humidity into the air when you sleep. I can physically feel when I don’t sleep with one on near me. These are also great when you work in a dry office space.

A Safe

You can get these really anywhere now but a safe is always a good place to keep the most important documents and possessions. Things like birth certificates, passports and voter registration are the obvious things to put in here but also heirlooms like jewelry and the like. You can normally find these that are fire resistant that I would certainly recommend.

Jewelry Box

If you are going to throw out all of that cheap costume jewelry, which I highly suggest you do because nothing makes you look more immature then shitty shoes and jewelry, and replace it with higher quality, then you do need a good box for your everyday jewelry. The most precisions can obviously go into your safe, obviously but there should be a space.

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