Lessons in the Art of Slowing Down

Things I have taken away from quarantine and intend to use in every day life

Quarantine was hard on all of us but it also forced us to find new things to enjoy. For many of us it meant finding things that cost no money, because we were temporarily without work or because nothing was open. While it was hard, there might have actually been some things that you liked. Life seemed to move a bit slower like this and we spent more time focusing on the people instead of the things that we loved. We spent time to ourselves and actually had to sit with our own thoughts.

Things are going to speed up again; they have to but there are things that you can carry over into your every day that keep that slowness and that focus on being mentally healthy. These are things that we needed to learn. Things that we forgot as our society started to prioritize productivity over health.

This has been a reminder that we need to think through how we work and make sure that we are slowing down. Lessons can be learned and some of them might even help us from having this happen again.

Take a Walk

Being out in the world means everything. We probably did it before by going out and being at resurants, bars, and other places. When those places weren’t open, you might have started doing more of what me and my friends do; walking. I had never seen as many people out in my neighborhood walking as I did when everything was closed. Full families out on a Tuesday afternoon! Walking is great. It feels like nothing but you are moving. You can either be social or be out with your dog listening to a podcast or an audio book. You’re moving. You’re out getting fresh air and you the vitamin d, blood circulation and fresh air will boost your mood.

Talk to The People You Love

One of the things that we did a lot more of during quarantine is reach out to people that we care about. There is a conscious effort to reach out that many of us did not take before, knowing that we were all under stress and alone. Don’t reserve that for times of crisis. Reach out to someone that you love. Now that we are back to life, have a drink or coffee…even have a video chat.

Movement Meditation

I recently started doing movement meditations that I found on instagram with a famous dance instructor and I absolutely love it. I am not a very good dancer in general but I know that I need to be more in touch with my body and get out of my own head. Movement meditations are a great way to reestablish that connection in between your mind and body. If you are good with dancing or already have this connection, you can always find a new dance on tiktok or insta to learn.

Write a list

Does it really surprise any of you that I like lists? Lists are my jam. They are a great way to organize my thoughts, make me more productive and see the bright side. I also make a gratitude list every morning of things that I am thankful for. It is easy, faster then traditional journaling and really makes you focus.

Have a Tea or Coffee Ritual

Slow. Ask I stated in the introduction, part of the good thing about the quarentine was that it made us slow down a bit. We were no longer running out the door for the most part with a to go cup, slurping it down in the car or on the train and hoping that we didn’t spill it on our shirt. Make a coffee or tea a ritual, not a rush. Sit down with a good book, the paper, a friend once a week (Or more if you can) and take that time for yourself.

Sun Bath

Oh sun light. Please get your sunlight. I know some people say they cant be out in the sun but put on sunblock and try for a bit. The vitamin D is NEEDED. It’s not just something that maybe you need. Its something that your body and your mind desperatly desires. It helps your skin, helps your mood and even helps you sleep better when the sun goes down.

Make Your Own Food

Again this is something that I knew but is hard to really work through when you aren’t home for at least two out of three meals a day. Sometimes I even eat three meals at work. But making your own food doesn’t just mean meal prep. It means experimenting with new foods and meals and sitting down and eating with the people that you live with. Hopefully when this all comes back to life, this will turn into dinner parties making a come back!

Shuffle your songs

There is nothing better to me then finding a new song on Spotify (or an old favorite that I forgot about) and listening to it on repeat, getting excited, dancing to it in my room, smiling so big my face hurts. Find a new song or shuffle through your music and find something, new or old, that really gets your blood pumping.

Pick a New TV show

I am one of those people that loves to emerse myself in good fiction. I love good books, good writing, good fantasy and good TV shows. Finding the piolet of a show that I know I am really going to enjoy and watch is something that makes the real world melt away for an hour.


Organization is not or does not have to be a stressful thing. Being able to clean and organize during a time when buying somethings is hard is actually very cathartic. It gives you the ability to cleanse without being held up. It can be cathertic to do the cleansing if you follow my guidelines and it certainly is cleansing and relaxing to have a decluttered space but its also wonderful to be able to donate and give those things away.

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