Things to Purge from your closet right now

Our closets are full…but you have nothing to wear. Its something that we have all said, all thought and all wanted to recify. With all of the time that we are spending at home, this is the perfect time for a project like this. But what do you get rid of? There always seems to be a reason to keep something: we need it for a day we are going to get messy. There might be a day where we can fit into those jeans again. What about those shoes? Yes they are gross and one heel is scuffed off but I loved them, so much! See, always a reason.

But you should never have more than you can handle or use. There are plenty of places and people that NEED donations and can use them. If you can donate, please do. There are even places where you can sell your gently used clothing if you need a little extra cash. Cleaning out your closet will actually give you more options because you know whats in there and you can pick and pair the higher quality things you go have without taking 45 minutes to just pick out an outfit.

So how do you pick out what to get rid of? Here are some things that you need to purge right now to make your closet cleaner.

Things that dont fit

For some reason we hold onto things in hope. Like I am going to fit back into these jeans someday or these are my fat day pants. But the truth is you don’t need to keep them. You don’t need to fit into pants from high school and having one pair of sweats is cool but seven? Let go of the things that don’t fit. Don’t hold yourself to that standard where every time you look into your closet you are holding yourself to something.

Torn/ broken things

Oh the best of intensions. But if you haven’t fixed them yet you’re probably not going to are you? If its torn, broken or needs repairing either do it RIGHT NOW or throw it out. I would also throw in with this the socks that you have been missing one of forever and you think you are going to find.

Things you haven’t worn in six months/ a year

This can go into the don’t fit catagory but it also just applies to the things that you bought that are no longer in style. I have this fun little trick where at the beginning of the season I turn all of my hangers around. As I wear and wash I put them back with the hangers going to normal way. That way at the end of the season I have a very clear picture on what is being worn and what isn’t.

Clone pieces

How many pairs of the same thing go you need? Unless it is something for work like scrubs or a uniform, there is very little reason to have clone clothing around. Yes it can seem like it but if you do laundry once a week like I do anyway, then you are going to probably just be wearing your favorite all of the time right? This also applies to purses and shoes…and really anything else you might have in your closet. Pick your favorite, most high quality one and thats all you really need.

Sentimental Clothing

Halloween, cheesy even clothing from weddings, batchlorette/ batchlor clothing, any sashes, brides made dresses you’ve only worn once, ect….those short of things might have been fun but they have no business staying in your closet. This also relates to any knick nacks in your closet. I have a lot of lanyards from events, con’s and races. I don’t need any of these, nor am I ever going to use them all. It’s the memories that matter, not the clothing themselves so be willing to let go of them while still hanging onto the memories.

Painful shoes

I mean….I would argue that most woman’s shoes are painful but some are worse than others. My basic rule is if I dread putting them out I don’t keep them. Most of the times these are high heels and the like that are bought for a wedding or occasion. But if you know you are going to have to take them off in 15 minutes they hardly count do they?

Broken hangers

This should go without saying. I like my hangers to match because…well because I am who and what I am. But for a long time growing up I had the wire ones that were from the laundry mat. The wire would unravel and snag clothing and all of that. Now I normally get all white plastic hangers from target. Having things matching somehow makes it feel more orderly for me.

Ratty underwear

Underwear should make you feel like you have a little secret under your clothing that is just for you. Not like if someone sees them they are never going to look at you the same way again. Upgrade your underwear by getting ride of the ratty, old, washer destroyed undies first.

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