Mental Health Focus

Things to Work on In Mental Health This Week

These past few weeks have been a mind fuck…for everyone. It’s a strange time to live in, as I am sure that you have heard 100 times. We can keep talking about the little things: how hard it is to be at home with your kids, no time away from your SO, having to break your normal schedule….yes, to all of them. Then there are the big things. What if you get sick? How long is this going to last? Will there be a job at the end of the tunnel for you? It sucks and there are no answers for the little questions or the big questions.

We can only control so much…as we are constantly being told but even that can be hard to get a handle on. Our own heads are not as easy as people think they are to control. So pick one of the underneath . Just one thing to work on this week. One week to focus on one part of your mental health and to have control over one thing.

Be Grateful

This is an easy one. Every morning before I start the day by writing 10 things that I am grateful for. Some people like to do it at night and write the things that they are grateful for from the day. Of course you should do whatever works best for you. I just like the morning because that way you go into the day already grateful. It makes anything that isn’t great during the day a foot note because you are already going in with something good to hang onto.

Stop Competing

With others, with yourself, for attention, for affection, for affirmation. Life is not a zero sum game and you don’t need to treat it as such. Unless you are a high achieving athlete another person doing as well as you does not smash you down. You also don’t need to compete against yourself and what you have done in the past. Every day is different and no one is really your enemy.


Even when you don’t feel like it. Even when things feel overwhelming and crazy. Pause and smile. The simple physical act of smiling has actually been studied and shown that it can have an affect on your mood. So smile when things seem unhinged and remind yourself and this will be over soon.

Thank Your Body

Never has this been more releveint than it is right now. We are so mean to ourselves. If you are able to get up, you are already so much luckier than so many other people. Thank your body for being as healthy as it is and for the fact that it shelters you and fights for you.

Sit Up Straight

Your posture is probably something that you don’t think about. I didn’t and had to start because of back problems in my family. Getting away from just the physical benefits of sitting up straight, did you know that sitting up straight can actually improve your mood and make you look less timid?

Get Out of Your Own Head

We internalize our worry and stress, going over the same thoughts over and over again. It has to get out of there by going some where. This can be by talking to someone, a professional or journaling those thoughts out. If something happens to me I do a little ritual or letting go, writing those thoughts down and then burning them while doing a breathing exersize. Maybe it’s writing it that helps…or maybe its by physically destroying the thought.

Ditch the All or Nothing

All or nothing mindset is one of the worst things that you can do to your mind. It sets you up into failure and falling back into old habits. Or even worse…it prevents you from even trying to start with. If you are trying something, you are not going to be perfect at it the first time. Its okay. Move forward and know that you can try small and try again.

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