How to Stand in Your Power

Saying no and meaning it

Saying no has never been easy for me. I am a people pleaser like so saying no somehow feels like I’m disappointing them. But standing hard to your no is important in conserving your energy and holding onto self actualization.

Choosing not to over extend or over commit

Saying no is hard, as I stated before. But choosing not to over extend yourself or commit to things that you cant give your all to frees up room for the things that you need to give that time and commitment to.

Saying yes and following through

The things that you do say yes to should be the things that you give all of your energy to and follow through on. Saying no to the things that you cant give everything to makes it so that you can do the yes things with every ounce of intention. Of course saying no to the other things and not weighing yourself down doesn’t ensure that you will succeed but it does give you room to.

Make more time for reflection and rest

Rest is so under rated. Thats something that I didn’t learn until I really started training. Rest is needed for our bodies to recover but also for our minds to recover. We need time to rest and reflect on our habits, on our intentions and on our goals so that we can figure out whats working, not working and change course if we need to. Take this time to mentally figure out what you want and what you goals are and really find a sense of calm. Also take the time to self reflect and figure out what you are doing that might be inhibiting yourself.

Intentionally finding new ways to relax and be at peace

We live in a strange world or urgency and lack of intention. We are constantly moving and forcing ourselves to be productive. When we rest though it’s almost like a fall. We let our brains turn off with mindless ship like Netflix binges and alcoholism. Our rest isn’t really….peaceful. Intentionally finding a way to make our rest peaceful is imperative to finding our power. Things like meditation, yoga, gently stretching and the like are needed to make your rest more than just a power down moment so that you can come back with new awareness and meaning.

Deciding not to engage in unhealthy cycles

Cycles are hard because sometimes we have a hard time recognizing the unhealthy behaviors that have been a part of our lives and often our upbringing for so long. But once we do recognize them through reflection and rest, it is our responsibility to change those behaviors and break the pattern. We often talk about habits and making healthy ones but there are also unhealthy habits that must be broken so that we can produce new results. This can be anything from our eating and physical health behaviors to our self doubt and negative self talk to even the way that we speak to others and the tones that we use.

Being mindful of mistakes and learning from them

If it comes easy, if you are right all the time, you’re not learning anything. The urge to bone right is strong in us as people but you should not and do not always need to be right. Nor does being wrong mean that you have failed in any way. Have enough self awareness to know that every single thing you start in, you will fail at at least once. Let go of that fear and learn from the mistakes that you make.

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