Things you can do to be happier in 2020

Month one of the new decade down! And honestly most of our resolutions are probably fallen through too. Resolutions are funny that way. We are supposed to make big goals and somehow carry out the big picture without thinking about the little steps that get to them.

So now that most of us are over that, let’s talk about the little stess and changes that you can make in your life that wont break the bank, wont take up five hours of every day and will dramatically improve your life.

  1. Say no to things that don’t fit into your schedule.
  2. Wash your sheets more often
  3. Clean out your closet
  4. Don’t be afraid to personalize your food order
  5. Cook more at home.
  6. Unfollow negative people on your social media.
  7. Learn child pose
  8. Try meditation
  9. Make phone calls instead of texting
  10. Use fresh flowers/ plants in your home
  11. Make a to be read list
  12. Journal
  13. Balance your plates colors
  14. Go star gazing
  15. Start a book club
  16. Spend more time with friends/ set u0p a weekly friend date
  17. Drink a glass of water with every meal
  18. If you can walk there, walk.
  19. Don’t be afraid of saying no to drinking
  20. Delete news apps
  21. Declutter your playlist
  22. Drink your coffee black sometimes
  23. Track your spending
  24. Make a budget
  25. See a doctor when you need to instead of waiting
  26. Delete your subscription services
  27. Sneak more veggies into your diet
  28. Focus on your friendships
  29. Adopt a no food rules lifestyle
  30. give yourself a theme song
  31. Make a theme for your year
  32. Try a new workout class
  33. Plan a vacation
  34. Talk through your feelings instead of holding them in
  35. Find a new work out/ studio/ hobby to try
  36. Volunteer
  37. Take breaks through your workday
  38. Stretch in the morning.
  39. Take a probiotic.
  40. Customize your supplements.
  41. Dance while you get ready for things
  42. Take yourself on dates.
  43. Cancel plans that don’t align with your goals
  44. Learn about local farms
  45. Try a new recipe once a week
  46. Clean out your pantry
  47. Put your phone away before bed
  48. Get your flu shot.
  49. Talk things through before you react.
  50. Practice emotional awareness.

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