Panic attacks & Anxiety attacks

Panic attacks are a tough thing. When I was younger I used to think that it was a normal feeling to have a panic attack, to feel like there is a rock on your chest, that nasua hits , dizziness takes over, having chills and feeling like you are losing circulation in your fingers and toes.

It took me a long time to realize that these were not normal feelings and that impending feeling of death or doom was not just me being “Dramatic”. Panic attacks and anxiety attacks are not the same thing but they can come from ocd disorders and panic disorders.

  • Some of the ways that you can tell a panic attack and an anxiety attack apart are simple while some are more subtle.
  • Anxiety attacks typically come in response to a trigger or stressor while panic attacks can come out of the blue.
  • Panic attacks are severe and intense. They can involve a sense of detachment or “Unreality”. Anxiety attacks can vary in severity and time.
  • Anxiety attack symptoms can build up while panic attacks can come out o nowhere.
  • Panic attacks subside as quickly as they come while anxiety attacks can last for long periods of time.

These can be caused by various things and certain people with certain personality types, traumatic experiences or disorders can be more susceptible to these sort of attacks. I have had a problem with them due to my personality type and family history.

There are some things that ti have learn to help me get through these attacks. These stratagies are widely used and can help but if you feel that you have these sort of symptoms please don’t be afraid of talking to your doctor or mental health practitioner.

Agknowledge what is happening

Don’t ignore it. Don’t try and push it off or hold it in. Let it roll over you and know that the symptoms are temporary and will pass.

Breath Deeply and Slowly

Both of these make it feel like you cant breathe. Make sure you focus on your breathing. Slow it down and make sure it is getting deep into your lungs.

Raise Your Heart Rate

Confuse your body into not knowing why your heart is speeding. Do some jumping jacks. Your body wont know if its the panic attack or the excersize and will naturally start to slow down.

Know Your Mind

Your mind is going to start making crazy, extreme and frightening situations and thoughts pop up. Know this and while you cant stop them understand that they are part of the attack and not real.

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