6 Reminders to Rock This Year

  1. Stop placing your worth in the hands of others. Other peoples opinions of you really have so much less to do with you than you think that they do. Their past experiences, their family life, what they are going through, all shape their opinions of you so much more than even they know. Your talent, your worth and your work are all in your hands. All you can do is work your hardest and know that your opinion of yourself is the one that counts.
  2. Redefine your idea of success. Success should be specific and you should be able to define it. Our parents world is not the same as the one that we live in now. Few of us will be married, own our own house, have kids and be totally settled in our career by the time we are 30. Make sure you know what success looks like specifically for you.
  3. You only fail if you don’t try. Starting is the the hardest part of something. The fear of not being good at something is daunting but the only real failure is in not trying for something that you want to try. Your idea of failure must be shifted away from not being perfect at something into learning through bumbled experiences.
  4. Let yourself be a beginner. The idea of not instantly knowing something, of being the beginner, of being the new guy is daunting. But we have to let ourselves being shitty at something so that we can learn. Try something totally new and don’t be afraid of learning.
  5. Let go. The past is in the past. There is nothing you can do about it now and while you might want to hang on; hang onto the lesson you learned from it. Not the negative experience.
  6. Practice forgiveness with yourself. Yes, ew work on practicing it with others but how often do we really lift that wight off of ourselves? Forgive yourself for mistakes and fumbles. Speak to yourself carefully and work on granting yourself forgiveness for things that might not have done as perfectly or as smoothly as you wanted them too.

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