Mans Best Friend: Lessons You Can Learn From Watching Dogs

It’s no secret how much I love my dog. I would take her over a kid any day. There are things that she does (like barking while I’m cooking, making me get up at 5 am to go for a walk, ect) that drive me up the walls but more than that there are things that she reminds me of every day.

We can learn a lot from dogs, and many animals for that matter, that I have seen over the years that she has been in my life. She has taught me so much even as she gets older about unconditional love. She is a princess but more than that, she is my best friend and partner after 11 years.

There is so much more that I could say but I will leave it with these following life lessons before, remembering that life is always in motion and in that motion, we find things that we didn’t know where there. The short time that dogs are alive, they inspire.

Dogs are grateful: For every moment, for the people in their life. For their bone. They are grateful for everything.

Dogs Forgive: Dogs don’t hold grudges. You will always be able to walk up to a dog and it wont be thinking about that mean thing you said to them or the fact that dinner was a half an hour late.

Dogs don’t hold back their emotions: People want to hold some things back. Playing things close to the chest is something that we are taught is the best thing to do to keep ourselves safe. Dogs don’t do this and without it there is no way that we can truly give or accept unconditional love.

You never have to guess where you stand with a dog: Either a dog likes you or doesn’t like you. You know right away. There is an honesty there that you can trust.

Dogs Play: Sometimes we forget one of the most important parts of life is “Play”. Play is one of the most important things that we can do as children and as adults. Play like a dog. Run, jump, be outside, just play with everything that you can. It’s called free play and it’s something that we often forget about.

Dogs drink tons of water: Have you ever seen a dog drink water? They gulp it down and love it. Dogs don’t want sugary drinks or any of that crap.

Dogs Greet the ones they love: This is something that we always forget about. When you walk in the door, dogs are happy to see you and they let you know it. Sometimes life and happiness is just knowing that someone is thrilled to see you.

Dogs accept themselves and others: Have you ever seen a greyhound tell an english bull dog that they are too fat? That they should diet? No. Dogs accept themselves and others in all shapes and sizes. They don’t expect another dog to be like them and they do not try and alter themself into any other mold.

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