What to do when you fall off the work out wagon and how to get back on it again.

It’s the time of the year when we all start to stop thinking about the end of the year, about the holidays and about just making it through the next few weeks. For many of us, it means recognizing that there are certain things we might have put to the side as the end of the year rushed in our direction at top speed. Eating right, working out, our training schedules, our self care routines, they are all things that can be put to the side when we are traveling or even just trying to remember what our holiday schedules are.

The sad bit is that studies show it takes 28-31 days to make a habit and get it to stick but it only takes 3 days to break a habit. So pretty much like everything, it’s so much harder the do the right thing and move forward than it is to be a coach potato and binge watch the Witcher on Netflix (or whatever everyone else is bringing these days).

So how do you start getting back on track? Mind you, it has nothing to do with resolutions. Don’t make yourself big promises that will fall in a month. Work on building healthy habits with these ways to get back on track.

Don’t Beat Yourself Up

Dwelling in the past isn’t going to change the future. Let go of the past and get ready to move forward. Falling off the wagon, taking a break, does not mean that you failed. Life happens. It gets in the way. And regardless of what some in the wellness community wants you to believe, sometimes there are things that are more important. What matters is what you are doing right now.

Make a Plan

A wish without a plan is just a dream. You have to make a plan for it to even become real. Start simple and move forward. Find a plan or a group that you can realistically do.

Be realistic

Do not over do it and do not expect yourself to be where you were at your peak. Maybe you ere injured. Maybe you just needed a breather. Either way you are not going to be in the same place that you left from. You can always start with a build up on days or intensity but if you go in expecting perfection from yourself, you will fall off that wagon again.

Get Back to Basics

Like being realistic you can make sure to take care of your basics. If you have been off the wagon for a bit, make sure that you are getting back to the basics of your sport or whatever you are doing. From writing exercises, to making sure you stretch, even something as simple as drinking enough water, make sure you focus on your fundimentals before you over load yourself.

Get enough sleep

Sleeping is something that needs to be talked about more. Studies show that 6 hours of sleep a night or less is almost as bad as no sleep at all. This is the time that your body and mind needs to recover from everything that you have been putting yourself through. Make sure you have a nightly ritual that will get you ready for bed and let your mind wined down from the day. You are not a teenager anymore. Going without sleep is not a badge of honor.

One day at a time

Dont beat yourself up if you miss a day. Chances are beating yourself up is probably the reason why you fell off of your routine in the first place. Take it one day at a time. 30 minutes a day is easier if you dont spend the first 8 dreading it or dreading what will happen tomorrow.

Be kind

Above all be kind to yourself. Life is never a straight line and none of us can “Do it all” even though some people appear to. There is always a way back. Speak kindly to yourself and others. Redefine your use of the word failure. Sleep well, drink water, read books and enjoy your time doing what you do. That is the only true way t o measure any sort of success.

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