What does “raising your vibrations” mean?

What a phrase right? It sounds so powerful!..which is probably why it should come as no surprise that you are probably hearing it more and more and are getting more and more afraid of exactly asking what they heck everyone is talking about. I hear this in both the whole healthy living, witchy and wellness circles and it is a super fun phrase.

Raising your vibration means to activate your energy to a higher level. For non science geeks like me, energy actually is expressed in a vibration. When we as individuals raise our vibration we are tapping in and bringing up our inherent energy and shine in the world. People who have high vibrations might be those people that seem to always “Get lucky” aka attract good things to them because of their positive attitudes.

When your energy is raised you tend to feel lighter mentally, emotionally and physically. By achieving a higher vibrations you can experience more clarity, personal growth, empathy, peace, love, calm and joy. These things feel like they just appear in your life; positive people are attracted to you, that job you wanted you just so happen to get. None of these things “Just happen” and its not magic no matter how new age it sounds.

The Simple law of attraction is another way that this has been phrased. Ten years ago it was bastardized into vision boards. You’ve heard it before, it is just the newest incarnation of like attracts like.

Dont Expect Unrealistic Things From Yourself

Like so many other things, raising your vibration takes learning and practice. Contrary to what social media and some ‘experts’ seem to exhibit, we are all humans and our darker (Physical) energy always comes through at some point or another. Understand that it is okay for you to have a bad day, be grumpy, not be the little ray of light you were yesterday. Acknowledge this and understand it. Let the emotion have its moment and then move forward.

One of the things that really disturbed me reading about higher vibrations is that people think that some people just naturally have a higher vibration. This is not true. If we are all equal and fighting for equality, this type of thinking in between positive and negative people, ‘light and dark’, is just as damning. You can practice and change your ways and will have to because for all of us the journey of personal growth is a life long learning experience.


Mediation, yoga and even a simple bubble bath all have the same or like effects here. You need to learn how to tap into a related place where you are coming from a place of inner reflection without the intrusions of negative thoughts. This is not a place for good or bad, right or wrong. You are never doing it wrong.

There are a lot of ways to do this and to start a basic practice but one thing worth noting is that this is NOT easy for anyone, not even the person that might be leading the class or working on the app. You are not learning how to have no thoughts. You are learning how to let go of those thoughts instead of dwelling or letting them develop. They feel like bubbles popping up around you. At first you have to pop them. Say no and then as you learn, you will let the breeze carry them away.

This is important to raising your vibrations because you become more in touch with yourself and your own mind. Learning how to be comfortable with yourself and find a calm space is half of the battle. When you do this you are better able to deal with the stress of every day life and not let it get to you.

You are learning how to actually listen, without judgement, to your own mind.

Self improvement

My favorite part of being an adult. I’m not even kidding. I love self improvement. Half of the books I own are non fiction (And the other half are about serial killers and murder mysteries but that’s besides the point…balance). I’m not talking about diet books or anything like that. I’m talking about being in a constant state of transition and metamorphosis through learning. Part of raising your vibrations is knowing that you, and the rest of the world are on a constant journey. Embrace it.

Embrace everyone knowing that we are all going through changes every day in the same space.

Be Conscious of your own thoughts

This goes hand in hand with meditating but is worth explaining in a bit more depth. We are all in a constant state of running some sort of inner dialogue. It can be based on many things combine: how we were brought up, our life experiences, our morality, society and a million other things.

Meditation helps us recognize those thoughts but how do we apply that to daily life? Once a negative thought comes up, don’t ignore it or act on it. Take the time to acknowledge it. Thank it for being there and for the past experience that is trying to warn you about what could be happening now.

Next, Let it go.

Practice Gratitude

Its the perfect time of year to talk about this. We have hit thanksgiving but don’t let it stop there. Yes, winter can be stressful. The holidays, all of the demands, all of the traveling, the people. But the truth is that you have those people in your life. You can travel and see them. You are not alone. That right there is something to be grateful for, even with all of the stress that it can bring.

Do not just think grateful thoughts (Though that is a good place to state). Studies show that actually writing down grateful thoughts can have an even bigger impact then merely thinking it. Try writing down one grateful thought a day, even on the days that might not seem as lovely. Actually…especially on those days and see just what it can do for you.

I have a job and a family that I am healthy enough to get up and come to every day.

Practice Acts of Kindness

When I was working at a coffee shop in San Antonio a few people had a tradition. On payday they would leave five dollars for the next person to buy their coffee with. Nice right? But something happened after that. Yes some people would light up and take the free latte and be so happy and start their Friday off just a little bit better then they would have. But it was more than that. Some People would leave that five dollars for the next person…then the next…the next. And it was a movement on and and on. For hours we would tell people that their coffee was on the house and the amount of joy that that one act of kindness caused vibrated through the line and touched…maybe dozens of peoples life.

One act of kindness can make a change in countless peoples days, including yours and your mindset. Practicing these acts, giving a smile to other people on the street raises your vibrations and changes the energy in the world around you. Want to know what all runners do and why we are so happy? Because even though we are breathing hard, our legs hurt, its cold or hot, wet or dry…whatever, we still take the time to smile at each other. There is no woe is me. It’s canceled out by the act of kindness.

I have enough (Money, energy, smiles, kindness) that I can give it to others. I live in a world of abundance.

Pump That Blood

Pretty much every single tingling good vibration in your body, even scrap of gratitude, every grateful moment, every wave of kindness, can be embodies through movement. It doesn’t have to be extreme. It can be as simple as a walk. But it changes things. The more you move, the higher your vibrations will soar.

Movement is the key to all living things.

You probably noticed something in all of these….the word practice. Practice is something that we have been taught that we do to master something. But this is a very short sighted definition. Practice is on going. you will never achieve perfection and you should never hope for it. That would be boring and leave you with nothing to do.

Take your time with the process. Do not put yourself on a time table. We are not a machine and there is no step to step guide to becoming something or finding peace in yourself. The state of growth is not a straight line and anyone who tells you that they have found “The Way” still has their own path to travel.

Honor yourself and the time that you are putting into your very own development.

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