The Skinny on “Winter Weight”

We are about to get to that time of year where every magazine cover and sudo “Health” site is going to start inundating us with messages about how you can avoid the bulge that comes with the upcoming winter months. Its absolutely cringe worthy and while we joke that we love the fall and winter because we get to hide grandmas stuffing under big sweaters and layers, its shocking just how many people, consciously or sub consciously buy into this message.

I myself am guilty of this and am not immune to all of the messages out there about “Staying healthy” during the holidays. Its a backhanded message, telling you that healthy means restriction and that if you indulge you are going to come out of the winter season looking like a whale and in need of a personal trainer.

So lets talk about it. Winter weight is not a bad thing and stuffing is not the only reason why you are feeling like your pants might be getting a tad tighter.

Evolutionary this is what our body was built to do for several reasons.

First and foremost, your body has to work harder during the winter and in the colder months, burning more calories for the same tasks that it would in the summer. So you get hungrier, most of all if your out and about. I love running in the snow okay? So you get hungrier from doing the same things. The internet and dieters are going to tell you that they have this low cal detox soup with no gluten, dairy or whatever else there is that’s trending as our newest food terror. The problem with this? You’re freaking hungry because you are burning more calories! Eat your food and stop worrying about it!

I love the seasonality of food. We want to eat based on the season naturally…at least most of us do. Food that is seasonal in most regions during this time tends to be heartier like root veggies and the like. This is opposed to our normal summer foods that are light and packed with more water than anything during the summer. So yes. You are eating heartier food because that is what your body needs.

Getting away from food…I know I love food and I want to keep staying on it but there are other reasons our body naturally wants to chill on the sofa during the winter. There is one glaring reason that no amount of dieting would or could ever change. (I say change because it sure as heck am not going to Help.) Its dark. We wake up and its dark. We get off work and its dark. It just makes us want to stay in the dark! Now I’m not saying that you should stay inside or not do anything. In fact you should make it a point to go out. What I am saying is that it is perfectly natural to lose your umf! and motivation.

The Moral of the story is this: It is totally 100% natural to have a bit more weight during the winter. No diet is going to change Millennia of evolution and the way that our bodies are designed to coop with the months of winter.

Should you let yourself go and eat all the big macs? Hell no. But you should enjoy time with your family, eat when you are hungry and play in the snow without getting bent out of shape that the Hot Chocolate waiting for you isn’t sugar free.

Do not feed the diet culture this Holiday Season. Feed yourself.

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