Best stocking stuffers

That people will actually keep and want

Okay so stocking stuffers get a bad rap, at least in my world. It was the little stupid stuff that might be funny but was also a total waste. It all ended up in the trash most of the time. I try not to be wasteful but I also try not to keep random shit around that I will never need.

Which of course brings the question about, “What do I get other people for their stockings?” I certainly don’t want to spend money on things that people are just going to toss in the trash (Like I have done with most of mine). With Christmas and the holidays fast approaching (Less then a month now!) its really time to amp up the forward momentum of those material goods…if you’re into that kind of thing!

So I have spent the past…too long, finding things that I personally would want and not through in the garbage. Let me know what some of the best stocking stuffers you have gotten are!

Rose Quarts Gua sha: Something I started doing this year that has really improved my skin tone and reminds me for just a few minutes a night to focus on my face.

Long distance touch lamp/ bracelet: I ran across this and its such a cute gift for couples. Just touch and your partners bracelet will light up and let you know that you are thinking about them. Yes it sounds great for lovers but also say…for a mother and daughter that are separated for the first time.

Wine Soaps: For the wine lover, mother, uncle, whatever in your family.

Giftcards: Dont over think it…but also show you care by picking something that you know is a personal place they shop. Barnes and Noble for the book lover, AMC for the movie lover….ect.

Incense Matches: These are all the rage right now and they are amazing.

Mini Cocktail Carry On Kits: For the person who travels but also needs a drink before/while/ after getting on the plane.

Momoho Mini (Smallest) bluetooth Speaker: How cute this this little dude? Perfect for the Office or anywhere else you want to go.

Hey Day Charging pad: I have one of these for my room and one of them for my office. The colors are cute, they work great and unlike their counterparts, they are less than $10.

Cable Bites: Everyone has a phone or something that they charge!

Paw Wax for Dog Paws: My dog has a stocking!

Nice, Festive Nail Polish: We all want to be able to spend 10+ dollars on a nail polish but some times its just not justifiable. But to put in a stocking it totally is!

Of course, always remember that less is more. Thoughtful gifts aren’t just for the big gifts. Pick things that are individual to the person you are buying them for.

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