Basic Cleaning List

I know its weird but I love cleaning my space. It makes everything better and almost every article I write about involves some form of cleaning and tidying up. That is because we just plain do not function the same in clutter and filth as we do in a nice space. It effects our sleep, our productivity and yes, even our sexual relationships and our libido.

As adults, we have to take care of our things. We pay so much for our space, why wouldn’t we take care of it? It’s time to adult up and really start taking pride in things that we always thought our parents and grandparents were being crazy about.

I get it. You get home from work and you have already been going all day. All you want to do is veg out and sleep. Cleaning up? It just seems like so much more work! But you don’t have to spend hours cleaning a day or have a crazy modern minimalist look to have your place look and be clean though. It takes a little time each day and maybe a little longer once a week to do some more intense cleaning.

It seems like a lot but most of these tasks will only last you five to ten minutes. Mostly on the daily and weekly tasks. Plus it adds to the time you save rushing around when friends, parents or in laws come over trying to figure out how to make yourself look like you have been taking care of your own space.

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