12 Steps of Mental Self Care for Empaths

Emapths have it just a little bit different then most people. We tend to be more sensitive, easily drained by those around us, always want to help regardless of what we have going on.

Most of these are both good things and bad things. There is nothing wrong with being an empath but it does require a certain amount of attention so that you arent overwhelmed. I have often found myself upset over some jerk at work or on the phone that I shouldnt be. But I have also found people that will help support me, bring me up and apprciate my attention to detail and other people.

These are some steps in mental health and care that I have found helpful and I hope will help my fellow emaths out there.

Trust your instincts:

We tend to doubt ourselves and our knowledge down because we don’t want to believe that our side is the only side. We want to be the ones that see things from every angle but trusting your gut and your instincts is not a negotiable.

Say exactly what you mean:

Do not water down things to make other people feel better about themselves and others. You don’t need to be mean but you also shouldn’t give holes to sneak through. Say what you mean with conviction.

Try not to take things too much to heart:

Easier said than done I know. But that person that is bailing on your or fibbing to get out of plans says more about them than it does about you.

If it feels wrong, don’t do it:

Simple as that. Yes there are benefits to getting out of your comfort zone but don’t sacrifice your mental health or emotional well being for something as simple as “Well other people touch a lot so I should let other people touch me.” There is a big difference in between “getting comfortable” and “Becoming desensitized.”

Let go of things you cant control:

Empath crossed with a type A personality is a deadly combination. You can not control everything. you can not “Fix” people or help everyone. Let go of the things that you cant control so that you can spend your time on the things that you can.

Remind yourself that you can not love someone into being loving:

It is not that you are not doing it right or that you need to give more attention to that person. Nothing you do will change how another person shows or feels affection.

Ask for what you need:

No one is going to know what you need unless you ask for it. There are very few people who observe others to the point where they can understand if something is wrong or if they need something. Chances are even if they can, they can’t tell what exactly that is. You have to tell them. They can not read your thoughts.

Let yourself have your ‘recharge’ alone time:

There is nothing wrong with having some nice rest and recovery with yourself to recharge, most of all after you have spent a while in a large group setting. Schedule some time for yourself however much you need or feel is healthy so that those batteries charge up again.

Set boundaries with yourself and with others:

Boundaries as the best thing that you can do for yourself be it on time, what you are doing, who you let around you and who has access to your time and energy. Even with yourself, boundaries are important. How much alone time are you giving yourself? What new things are you willing and unwilling to try?

Stay away from people who constantly talk about themselves:

Or people that are constantly bringing the conversation back to themselves. These tend to be narcissists and they tend not to change.


This is an easy one for empaths but after being drained, we tend to shut down when things become overwhelming. Let yourself have your time but then come back to the people that love you and to yourself.

Remember life is a practice:

Like Yoga, sports or changing habits, life is all about the practice. The constant adjustment of behaviors, views and visions of t he things that you are trying to achieve and embody. Most of these things, like everything in life, will not come naturally. Be patient and kind to yourself, especially when you fall of the wagon. Do not judge yourself too harshly and do not think of these experiences, both positive or negative, as a failure.

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