The 31 Day Get Your Shit Together Challenge

Day 1: User Names & Passwords Update and keep track of all of your user names and passwords. Make sure that they are deleted out of your cookies on your computer and that if there are any joint accounts you have them stored properly.

Day 2: Documents Locate and sort all important documents and identification. See my past post on how to do this properly and what to do with old paperwork.

Day 3: Create a Dept Plan Look at your finances and sign up for credit Karma or some other site. Figure out what you can afford to pay back every paycheck and find a way to pay back your depts. While you are at it make sure you know your credit score and brush up on how Credit works.

Day 4: Make a Budget It sounds easy but it might not be. Take a hard look at what you make and what you should be spending on what. Identify trouble areas and goals.

Day 5: Set Up Health Appointments Call your doctors and set up your yearly appointments to get checked out.

Day 6: Create an Auto Back Up for your computer, phone and any other digital files that you have.

Day 7: Digital De Clutter: de clutter your digital files and phone.

Day 8: Organize Your Digital and or Planner: See my past article on what you should have in a planner and how to set one up (Along with why you should have one in general) if you dont already have one. Set up you schedule.

Day 9: Clean out you inbox Self explanatory but get in your inbox and clean it out, deleting old things and unsubscribing from as much as you can.

Day 10: Clean Out Your Closet Of both things that you don’t wear anymore, things that don’t fit and things that are just way out of your age group. Check out this article to help.

Day 11: Clean Out/ Stock Your Refrigerator and Your Freezer. It’s too easy to eat junk that’s just there or keep dressing from 2012 if you aren’t paying attention. Make sure you do this with your freezer too. Dump out expired stuff.

Day 12: Donate Canned goods and clothing from your closet declutter can all be donated.

Day 13: Social Media Purge: Social media can do great things or it can bring you down. Clean out everything from your social media that is negative or brings you any sort of down. You should only have things in your feeds that inspire you and make you happy. Besides mine check out my 10 Instagram’s that will restore your faith in social media.

Day 14: Make a Productive Workspace Making a designated workspace can be something cathartic. Its a place to actually sit and get things done. Declutter an area and really make it the best place for you to focus.

Day 15: Clean Your Sheets Barer of bad news… you should be doing this every two weeks AT LEAST. But take all of your sheets, pillow cases and others off the bed and give them a good wash. While you are at it, take your comforter off your bed and take it to a laundry mat. They have larger driers and washers so you can specifically get this clean. This should be a twice a year thing.

Day 16: Practice Mindfulness or Meditation: We often think of mediation as a crazy thing that takes hours and if we cant sit there in a yurt for 48 hours then we are bad at it. But Meditating is the practice of bringing yourself back. Download the headspace app and check out what all the fuss is about. If you dont want to do that, mindfulness can be as simple as sitting and really paying attention to what you are eating, to smells, to sounds, to anything.

Day 17: Sign up and Commit to an Exercise Class This is always a fun one because there are so many options, but it can be over whelming too. Still doing something besides your job and parenting (or puppy parenting) is going to make you feel so much more complete.

Day 18: Podcast Find one news or current events…even a history podcast that you can follow and listen to at least every other day. Adults care. Adults give a fuck and know whats going on. It is part of your job as a part of our society to keep yourself informed and know whats going on. It goesn’t have to be crazy. It just has to be something. Plus its going to make you seem alot smarter at work.

Day 19: Clean Out Your Makeup: Make up should only last 6 month, tops. Go through your make up and figure out what is high quality, which is junk and which is just dingy. Clean your brushes as they are home for all kinds of Bactria and gross.

Day 20: Set Up a Before Bed or When You Wake Up Routine Some people can’t do both but everyone can take a few minutes to do one. Find 3 things you want to do and stick to them.

Day 21: Purge One Single Use Plastic From Your Life Like in day 18, adults care. Its not hard to find one thing to start focusing on, even if its reusing a mug you have on your desk at work or finding a cute waterbottle at TJMaxx.

Day 22: Journal and Connect With Yourself. Something that we often forget is to check in with ourselves mentally. Try journaling and resetting your course, even if it is just realigning with your “Why” Statement .

Day 23: Practice “Community care” Self care is such a huge thing and it does matter. But community care is just as important. Find a social group to be part of and connect with the people around you. It can be volunteering but it can also be something as simple as a book club.

Day 24: Get a Tool Kit Your dad or boyfriend doesn’t count. You need to have a tool kit in your house with a charged power drill, a hammer and nails, and level. And learn how to use them all!

Day 25: Cleaning List. Go through your home and make a cleaning list. Figure out what needs to be done daily, weekly, biweekly, monthly and twice a year.

Day 26: Get Out…Just You One of the lesser known things about being an adult and being comfortable with yourself is how to actually go out by yourself. Grab a book and go have coffee or dinner on your own. Go see a movie by yourself. Go to the farmers market with your dog as your date. Just have a nice moment by yourself.

Day 27: Start a Gratitude Log Its a simple concept that can have a big impact and its easy to integrate into that morning or nightly routine that we talked about on Day 22. Everyday write down one to five things that you are grateful for in your life.

Day 28: Make a List of Maintenance People Take some time to make a list of everyone that has to do with everything that could go wrong that are open 7 days a week or as close as you can get around you. Plumbers, electricians, the number of your service providers, mechanics ect and have them in a binder or somewhere by your phone just in case.

Day 29: Service Purge Really though? How many services do you really need? Go through and figure out if you are really using all those streaming services and see which ones you really can and cant live without. Cancel the ones that you cant and you will be surprised just how much money and time you save.

Day 30: Recipes Pick a few recipes that you want to try making and make sure that they are at the forefront of your mind. One a week is more than manageable for the average bear. Even if you have kids a make your own pizza night is a fun and easy way to go. You are far more inclined to cook your own meals if you make it an event instead of a mundane task.

Day 31: Print Out Take a few hours to really take a look at all of your photos and decide which ones you want to print out/ develop. Than actually go and do it. Hang them up in places of power in your home or office with frames and everything. If you value something it should be displayed, not in some dusty corner of dropbox.

One thought on “The 31 Day Get Your Shit Together Challenge

  1. I’m really loving Anna’s Challenge so much because I’ve been getting quite a few things done! First thing this morning I went out for a brisk walk to enjoy the cooler air here in NC, then I started clearing out my dreaded email inbox which is in the thousands!(lol) Sure hope you have a fabulous day! Hugs, RO


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